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  1. ok ive been doing some research and apparently sim card only contracts are the easiest to be approved for - does anyone know if this is true? Found the info at this site (please remove the link, if im not allowed to post!)
  2. I really want to upgrade from my payg phone to a pay monthly contract but i have bad credit history from my student days... Does anyknow whch companies can provide a contract to people with bad credit?
  3. Even i wanted to know about this and i got the answer now.
  4. Glad that i am in this forum , got to learn newer things. Will be very helpful to newbies like me.
  5. Glad to be a new member of this awesome forum site. I think I'll enjoy my stay here. I have seen a few threads and there seems to be a very pleasant atmosphere among you all. I hope I can be as helpful for you too.
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