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  1. Hi just noticed you've replied back: the LHA site is: https://lha-direct.voa.gov.uk/Secure/Default.aspx I did a quick calculation for this month (as I don't know which month applies to your application) for Portsmouth and came up with £115.38 pw (about £461 per 4wk month) which fits what they have awarded; which month did you apply?
  2. Hi Emma and Minkiesmum, no problem naming the council (now my case is won and secured... not that they would have necessarily been drawn to this site): It is Barnet Council (in north west London) - the team responsible are the "South Team" [ostensibly responsible for the LHA 'Central Zone' - highest rent allowance zone of the borough] (from my inquiries the North Team was not generally aware of this practice). As of 8th or 11th June (varies from source) they have withdrawn this practice as it had already been challenged by the advisory agency solicitor that took on my case and it had be
  3. **VICTORY**:grin: Just a follow-up to document what has happened for anyone who comes across the thread and interested to know: After I called the council HB again to re-inquire as to how to go about asking for the HB to be looked at again, I spoke to a "benefits officer" who said that they had never come across my situation before. I was told that she had seen the converse occur on the odd occasion, where HB was reduced from the allowable LHA where someone had taken fewer rooms than they were eligible for. She said she would follow it up for me as a different team was handling my case
  4. Hi, Compounding the situation I previously I posted on (JSA penalty), the council have awarded me a housing benefit that falls well short of my rent. To put the situation in perspective, a few short months back, my family and I (wife and 2 kids under 3) moved house (coinciding with the death of my uncle). The landlady was intolerable and fleeced as much as she could when we did leave. We moved within the area and the same LHA zone, however with the arrival of a newborn a few months prior and with the various illnesses my wife has (requiring regular hospital visits) we found a place mu
  5. Thank you for your kind words, and I appreciate the context of what you said. The tribunal appeal form and letter are now already on their way and it took me a good 4 pages to explain myself The problem is I did just what you mentioned originally; as I was not aware that attending the funeral would be an issue with my signing or not, I called the Job Centre on 2 occasions prior to the event but was not told about the "close" relative rule and only told that I should try on that day and if not I would need to come in as soon as possible to sign. So I was completely in the dark about it. My
  6. Well, I'm going to be handing in my tribunal appeal before 2pm to the local Job Centre for forwarding as it is due soon. I guess I probably won't see any replies before then. My main areas of concern are: How to counteract the unforeseen social security ruling that an uncle is not a close relative (defined in law) and as such can not be considered worthy of attendance to his funeral in place of signing, irrespective of whether I knew or not, or whether I informed the Job Centre and had sought their advice. They also state that I had not given them reason to consider him a 'good fri
  7. Hi, I am due to send in my tribunal form and further notes regarding my appeal for a disallowed JSA for attending my uncles funeral on my signing day. I will be fairly brief here with the initial facts as the various points and issues surrounding this are numerous and will certainly bog down my story. So I will add points as and where necessary. First of all, having been refused my appeal from Job Centre Plus I am looking to remedy points made on from my rejection and present my case in the best way for the tribunal adjudicator. The situation as it stands goes like this:
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