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  1. I refused to accept the refund back on to my card as I wanted to try and find an angle with their head office first of all. If there is no other option then all I can do is accept the refund from them. I would ideally like to have some amunition before ringing them as the next closest items now (i.e. non-sale items) are full price - So £60 as opposed to the goods that I paid the deposit on were £30.
  2. Hopefully someone can help me. On Saturday, I found some items of clothing in a Mama's and Papa's store that were in the half price sale. As I did not have enough cash on me at the time, I opted to pay a 25% deposit to hold the goods until I could collect them today. The assistant was obviously new and was being shaddowed by a more experienced member of staff. When I called today to pick the goods up, it has emerged that the staff member did not code the deposit correctly and as a result, the goods went back on the shelf. Low and behold, they have sold and they do not have anymore in stock (and they no longer make these items). The order value was only £30 but it is the principle. As I had paid a deposit on the goods, to hold them, what are my rights against Mama's and Papa's? My plan is to contact their head office and try to pursue that way but are there any 'legal rights' that I can quote in a bid to get them to do something? Thank you to everyone in advance who can assist with this.
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