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  1. Hiya I was with HSBC and incurred approx £2500 in bank charges, when i started working i applied for a loan (£5000) the lady said she was shocked id got it as my rating was really low. I was told i had to take PPI or they could take back the offer of the loan. She didnt ask anything medical wise. I suffer from mental health problems. A year and a half later i had a break down and had to leave my job i tried to explain to hsbc the said i wasnt covered, but out of good will they will give me 1 month extra to pay. Ive wrote on several occasions asking for a refund as i believe i was misold and they dont even write back. Now the loan has gone to metropolitan collection services and im paying £40 a month towards the loan and £1260 overdraft (mostly charges).out of my income support. Does anyone have any advice as theres so much money involved with the PPI and bank charges and then im giving them £40 a month on top. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for your reply am with Gregory Pennington debt management company. Its £99 a month which i find hard to manage as im unemployed with 2 young children. i also have mental health problems and the threats dealing with HSBC was my main reason for joining Gregory pennington. I have 4 creditors but HSBC is the major one.
  3. Hi all I have a £5000 loan with HSBC from when i was working and a £1250 overdraft some of which made up of charges (£3000 in three years. Which i tried to claim back due to hardship but HSBC refused untill court case is over). I had to open an account elsewhere as HSBC would take the child benefit, so now theres no money going in the accounts. Now im not working i joined a debt management programme which have been paying HSBC £40 a month but they wont come to a formal arrangment reguarding it and ignore correspondance. Recently ive been bombarded with phone calls from metropolitan then letters and now they have sent a threatening letter stating they intend to instruct DG solicitors to issue legal proceedings in form of a warrent of execution. Where do i stand with this? as i have been trying by making payments of £40 each month. Does anyone have any advise for me? Thanks in advance
  4. hiya i took out insurance with ecar paid the deposit and tried to cancel it an hour later. as they are an on-line company for some reason it took 5 days before they would accept the cancellation. a week later they sent me a letter stating the insurance has been cancelled and could i send the documents back. Which i did by recorded delivery. Its been 4 weeks and they still wont reply to my letters reguarding my refund of deposit as i had a 14day cooling off period. I dont know what to do next, does anyone have any advice:(
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