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  1. It doesnt matter if a debt is £10'000 or £100'000 the THERE ARE 2 FACTS OF MATTER AND BOTH WHICH ARE LAW, the FIRST is, if a judge orders £20 a month then the creditor cannot pursue for more unless the financial circumstances of the debtor changes, (thats the chance they took when providing credit) and SECOND the law clearly states that where a judgement has been given and IS BEING MAINTAINED and NOT been defaulted on, the county court CANNOT BY LAW OF THE HIGH COURT grant a charging order, my point, your statement that says "furthermore- in those circumstances i think the creditors actions
  2. Hi yes they are really in a bad mood over it, but as ive stuck with the payment imposed by the judge initially and already had 1 case they took toward me thrown out, i wish there was a way i could really just take them to court and sue them for harrasement but the law appears to be on their side as there is nothing in place for me other than to bring it to the judges attention contempt and harrasement and hope they do something, bit i wont hold my breathe.
  3. whats this nonsense about the high court, no-one even suggested a high court, this is a county court issue. Anyway, tell you what, ill take you to court, try and continually get a charging on your property, drag you into court every couple of months and then forget the fact you have a disability and then when you ask advice, ill reply "just go with the flow"
  4. I agree, mercantile and credit case stopped the county court doing that, as far as the high court goes, it would cost them more to go there for what the debt is worth
  5. They NEVER accepted the initial offer, it was forced upon them by a Judge
  6. I have all the statements DOH! and a letter from the bank confirming payments were made, thats the FIRST thing i did
  7. nice one, ill do that, dont suppose you have his email?
  8. The reason i am so annoyed at this is that another creditor DID get a charging order because i missed one payment because i was in hospital having surgery, i gave the judge evidence of this and evidence i am disabled and evidence i am going through a divorce and also explained that it would be unfair to other unsecured creditors, the judge simply turned round and said, the LAW states, miss ONE payment on a CCJ and THEY GET THE CHARGING ORDER NO MATTER what the circumstances are, so i thought ok, and dealt with it and they also got £156 costs which is fair enough, these twats at advantage finan
  9. tried that, any court would give them permission as the forms they complete for a charging order application doesnt require evidence only a tick box:evil:
  10. i can use it against them i agree, but the law states there is nothing stopping them doing it again and again again and again and again, that i do know, i feel they will get their knuckles rapped and hey ho, off they trot and 6 months time they will do it again, what i want to do is find a way to STOP them and hurt them where it hurts most IN THE POCKET but there doesnt seem to be a way to do that as i cannot claim costs at the april hearing as i dont have any to claim, theyre paying. Thats the problem i have! yes its harrasement and contempt but that doesnt mean any judge in the court will
  11. you think i am making this up, i might be disabled but im not thick, on 31st march 2009 northampton said i have to pay £20 a month, no payments have ever been missed, they took me to court for a charging order and lossed because i brought up the mercantile v ellis case, if i had missed a payment then they would have been granted the order case closed, i pushed for LEAVE OF ABSENSE and was refused, why? the judge said it was duly noted and gave them the benefit of the doubt but not again, lo, we are here again, ive checked all my bank statements and have evidence every payment has been made, th
  12. A money claim form is when someone OWES you money and they havent paid, they dont owe me money, i have sent a letter of complaint and await their response and then ill take it to court and inform the judge, its the next bit after that im looking to get them for.
  13. I have the original claim number for the 1st charging order they attempted to get and its also the same number on the 2nd, this shows the claim number for the charging order they are applying for, it doesnt tell me the FORM NUMBER i need to make a claim against them!
  14. there are no forms for this type of claim, the court advised me there are none, the lawyer said they are entitled to request charging orders as the forms are a tick box and that 1 in every 10 suceed when i asked if i could take them to court he said "for what", i said harrasement, he said but they believe they are correct in their actions, that doesnt justify harrasement and there is no route for me to go down? so i doubt the "registry trust" will know if the lawyers and courts dont
  15. what claim would that be as i already went to the court office and they said they had never heard of any form to complete to take a company to court who have done this and advised me unless i know the claim form number they could not help, its easy to say, make a claim, but a claim for what? i nor the court know the court form number
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