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  1. OK - I shall get this sorted. Thanks
  2. In general terms why do I need to send an SAR? What will I be looking for in the return from them?
  3. The card was taken out in 2004. My wife's recollection is that this was something that involved a ticked box for the CC application. The card application was made in branch and the member of staff was very blasé about the whole thing.
  4. My wife put a claim in for PPI cover she paid on a loan from HSBC and also for a Credit Card. They have approved the loan but rejected the CC claim. Their reason was as follows : "Our records show that in DATE, you applied for an optional Cardholder Repayment Protector to protect your HSBC Credit Card. This policy is designed to repay 10% of the outstanding credit card balance for a maximum of twelve months in the event of sickness, accident or redundancy. Life cover is also included in this plan. The Policy Document and Product Information Pack explained how the po
  5. I did have a plan - to contact the seller and raise the issue. If not satisfied to issue a claim. I came on here to make sure I hadn't left anything our that would invalidate my claim. It is only at your suggestion of sending the photos that I am considering another step. You say send "him" the photos. Are you referring to LK Bennett?
  6. I am not going to kick up a fuss if the claim for interest is refused or reduced. That is at the prerogative of the presiding judge. I just don't think I have freedom to claim an arbitrary amount do I? The date of purchase is the 5th of July. I can take photos and email them to LK Bennett now. Would that weaken my case? How should I approach that seeing as the 14 days I gave them has expired?
  7. Thanks for your reply. Just to give some more information and my own comments on each point raised : Interest Claimed : As I understand it this is the statutory amount. I didn't feel it correct to arbitrarily decide on an interest amount when there is a rate stipulated by statute. While the current interest rates are low that hasn't impacted on the rate of inflation. Inspection : The shoes were inspected in the shop by the branch manager who refused to concede the manufacturing discrepancy. In fact the issue is nearly identical to that detailed HERE . I have a concern that should th
  8. My wife had email contact from them where LK Bennett they asked her to send the shoes back to them (at her cost) to be inspected by one of their "technologists". She replied by email "Without Prejudice" stating that she was unwilling to send the shoes back to them this close to a potential court claim. They were welcome to visit her to inspect the shoes at an agreed time. There has been no response to that email and the 14 day period is up. We were going to issue a claim through the courts service today. Is that the correct next step?
  9. L.K. BENNETT LIMITED 3 CAVENDISH SQUARE LONDON W1G 0LB FAO : Didier Drouet 7th June 2013 LETTER BEFORE ACTION Dear Mr Drouet, I am writing to you regarding a pair of shoes I purchased from your Brighton store on 5th July 2007. These shoes were actually purchased after returning another pair of shoes which fell apart after a single wear. The shoes in question have a manufacturing defect where the fabric is miscut on one side of one of the shoes. I attempted to return these to the branch in question shortly after purchase by the Branch Manager
  10. My wife purchased a pair of shoes from LK Bennett 6 years ago. (6 years is up at the start of July) Unfortunately they have a manufacturing defect on one shoe. The material has been cut too far down on the outer side of the shoe where it meets the toes. She attempted to return these shoes a couple of days after purchase when she noticed the defect. The manager in the shop refused to exchange or refund the shoes. She was also incredibly rude about it and made a point of telling my wife not to come back another day. She was going to talk to all the staff and tell them not to accept the shoe
  11. No PPI or charges to be claimed back. They have stopped adding interest to the account.
  12. I lost a lot of money due to being defrauded by a solicitor a few years ago. (That solicitor has now fled the country and has been disbarred in their absence) I was made redundant after this and unfortunately this had a knock on effect on my personal finances. Of all my creditors the smallest is a credit card debt with Capital One (roughly £200). This has been pursued more aggresively than any other debt. (Including calls to my place of work before redundancy). I have been making regular payments to all my creditors. Unfortunately I am receiving JSA at the moment so the s
  13. Hi All, I recently ordered some PC speakers from an online retailer. They were delivered and were faulty on arrival. I contacted the retailer and they collected the speakers and refunded me the purchase price. What they haven't done is refunded me the deliver charge (£12.50) so I am now out of pocket. Where do I stand with getting this back? spudbynight
  14. They are all calling from a call centre in India/Pakistan/BFE. It is a shame as every other caller has used the same calledID
  15. If they used the same number I could block it. They seem to use a different number each time they call.
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