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  1. oh forgot to say, initially they had the amount owed as much lager, they had messed up their calculations. Also they haven't replied to emails for several weeks leaving her not knowing what on earth was going on, and in some replies they have completely ignored her questions.
  2. My ex-partner is getting constant harassment from the letting agency about the following situation and it is starting to effect her mental help. At the beginning of lockdown her income was drastically reduced ( like many others) and she had to start living on her savings. I suggested she approach the letting agency to see if there was some way of arranging a temporary rent reduction ( no harm in asking right? I feel responsible for the mess she now has because of that suggestion!). The agency replied the would ask the landlord and replied that he was okay with her paying what she could afford for a short while. She agreed to pay half rent for a few months. 2 months later they started chasing her to set up a payment plan to repay the money they say she owes. The problem is at no point did they say that this was a rent holiday rather than a rent reduction and they never told her she would be expected to repay the other half of the rent. This has put her in almost £1000 of debt that she never agreed to. Had she known it was going to be a debt she would have put her notice in and moved in with a friend ( unfortunately that option is no longer available so she is trying to find somewhere else that allows pets). She has gone back to paying the full rent but it is seriously draining her savings. Several weeks ago the agency booked in a house inspection and it was the director of the agency that attended! She spent less than 10 min checking the house before she started on about how my ex owed them the money and a repayment plan would need to be set up. My ex told her multiple times she did not wish to discuss this situation face to face and that all communication about it should be in writing. The director refused to leave and kept harassing her for almost 1.5hours. She kept saying it was a rent holiday and then 5 mins later calling it a temporary reduction. saying it was in the contract she had to pay the full amount, saying my ex should have asked if she had to pay it back so its all her fault she didn't realise she would. She brought up phone conversations she said she'd had with my ex ( not true, they've never spoken before) and point blank refused to stop talking about the situation or leave. Since then they have brought up stuff like she wasn't allowed to add an extra lock to a door a gardener had a key to meaning he couldn't turn up when he wanted to do the lawn ( I KNOW that's not an issue since any contractor they send needs to give 24hrs notice and she has to agree to them attending and she's well withing her rights to add a lock to feel secure in her property, they've back off of that one. They tried to blame her for not letting them know the gardener had stopped attending ( again not her problem, they employ him not her and she DID tell them abet a few weeks late). There is a bit more as well. Anyway my question at last. I know she should have gotten the situation clear at the beginning and in writing, but can the agency put her into debt like that? shouldn't THEY have clarified that it was expected my ex would pay the rent back even though they have called it a temporary rent reduction in emails? I didn't think it was possible to put someone into debt without their written agreement?
  3. She's named on the tenancy but I'm liable for all the rent, had to be that way to pass affordability check. As for the residency, that's where I don't know! She said she was going away for a week ( 2 weeks ago) . The rent is due in 3 days and although she has said she will still pay it, she hasn't transferred her portion into my account yet which she normal would have, and she's not replying to watsapp messages. She still has a large amount of belongings here so I don't think think she would be classed as moving out?
  4. In July I entered into a 12 month joint contract to rent a house. Because of difficulty proving my house mates earnings ( she is self employed and not yet filed taxes) I am liable for 100% of the rent. Things between us have got very messy personally between us ( long story not worth sharing)and she has left to go stay with her new man. She is now saying she won't be paying the bills since she isn't here! She has agreed she will have to keep paying the rent and council tax. Although technically I can afford the rent it cleans me out each month. Rent and all bills due in a few days and she hasn't transferred me her share of anything yet and is not replying to messages. Where do I stand if she doesn't pay her rent portion or council tax? Can I remove all her belongings legally? I was planning on boxing and bagging up and putting in the garage. Also I've approached the Letting agency to try and get out of contract, where do I stand if the landlord says no?
  5. Morning All, I moved about 3 months ago to a rented flat. The previous tenant obviously has some debt issues as there have been a lot of letters addressed to him. His name is very similar to mine, same first name, surname being only 2 letters different and is a common misspelling of mine. majority of letters I have sent back as return to sender addressee unknown. yesterday morning had a bailiff turn up at 10am, not happy as i am on the night shifts so he woke me up. very nasty aggressive man, foul language and physically intimidating I refused to let him in the house despite his threats and claims of he was legally allowed in and could even break in if i was not here ( yeah rightt!!) I showed him photo ID to prove I wasn't the person he was after and his comment was it proved was me that had the debt!? Can't the moron even read or is that not a required attribute for a debt collector? hmm perhaps I should go buy a copy of the cat in the hat for him for when he come back. Anyway he said has placed a lien on my car and is supposedly coming back to clamp and/or tow it in 5 days if the debt isn't paid. I have sent a letter this morning to the company listed on the paperwork he left me( no i didnt sign anything !) complaining about his behaviour, telling them that I am not the person that has the debt and to basically sod off! What worries me is that he might clamp and/or take my car anyway and then I have all the hassle of sorting it out. If he does come back the first thing I will be doing is call the police, but what if I am out when he calls? If he does clamp it, what are my rights? Would I be able to use my angle grinder to remove it? ( I'd love to do that! ) Any advise on a way of stopping these idiots from coming back? Where should I write to to complain about the morons behaviour and lies? cheers Workaholicandy
  6. thanks silverfox, godmother, I'll go look for the most apt letter now, love the idea of charging them for my time for the phone calls but doubt i could for the letter since the arent addressed to me personally or could I? He is being chased by several DCA's from the letter I have opened all for debts from 2006 ( mmm close to SB limit is that why the are getting more frequent?) the phone calls are from a company called Moroncrap.. or that is close to what they said anyway :o) Plan of action is to have a pen and pad next to the phone and to be awake enough to get a name and address to write to. got another letter this morning that looked like another one ( the red writing through the address window) I returned to sender but wrote on the back 'what is it going to take to get it through to you that this person does not live here, hasnt lived here for 3 years and I have no idea where he is. Though i doubt after sending these letters back for a year that I could get that concept into your heads using a jackhammer' ok i doubt it will do anything, but it made me feel better LOL
  7. Morning all, Several years ago I received some wonderful advice here and used the info gained to help myself climb out of the hole I was in. My own finances now are in order, but I have recently started having problems regarding the previous tenant who lived at my address and I was hoping someone could help me again. Every week I receive letters addressed to the previous tenant from what are obviously debt collection agencies, no real issue I just put 'return to sender addressee unknown' and post them back. I have accidentally opened 1 or 2, bad habit of just opening my post without reading the label, so I know that the previous tenant has defaulted on an awful lot of money(over £15,000). Can I use that information to write to the debt collection agency and tell them to stop sending the letters? The major issue now though is my landline at this address has now been associated somehow with this persons name at at least one of these agencies. Despite telling them that the number is not for the searched for person and despite telling them to stop calling I still receive the calls and as I work shifts these calls often wake me up. Yes I could change my number, but what happens if that number then gets linked to him? The final straw has been a doorstep call last week. I am presuming that it was a debt collection agency since when I answered the intercom they asked for the previous tenant.I told the person that the name they were asking for did not live here. The caller then said they needed to come up to physically verify that! I told him no way and that he had just woken me up. He then kept ringing the bell over and over so I answered again, this time I told him that if he really wanted to talk to someone then he could talk to the police officer I would be calling if he rang my doorbell again :o) so my questions are. 1: what letters can I send to get my phone number off their system? 2: what letters can I send to make sure I don't get another doorstep call? 3:Is there a letter that formally says 'look retards he doesn't live here and i have no idea where he lives so f*** off and stop bothering me' cheers Andy
  8. Looking for some advice to give to a couple of friends of mine apart from the obvious join here!) They are both in full time well paid emploment and have as debt only a morgage and car loan which they have never missed a payment. They have owned their house for almost 4 years now. About 2 months ago they started receiving letters addressed to the person who used to rent the house befor they bought it. Most have been sent back as return to sender addressee unknown, but one was accidentally opened with their own post. It is from a DCA and is regarding a debt of over £1000 to 3 mobile ( who they hell runs up a grand phone bill?? lonely, addicted to sex chat lines sprang to my mind LOL). Coincidentally ( or not) they had just tried to get a contract with 3 mobile but were turned down ( no reason given). This surprised them somewhat and they are worried that some how this persons debt has become associated somehow with them becausse of the address and a very similar surname ( and extra h in the middle). What letters should they be sending to whom to find out if they hav ehad this debt attached to them somehow? Also they are a bit worried as they opened post addressed to someone else. I have told them to join here because of the excellent advice I got with my student debt SB problem a month ago which I thank you all for :o)
  9. well they just sent me a lovely letter saying they will continue to seek payment and all the sb ( if correct) does is stop them from obtaining a court judgment against me. ummm how else are they going to try and make me pay a debt I have already paid? perhaps i ought to take them up on their oh so kind offer of calling them on a 070 number to arrange a voluntary repayment scheme.... ;o)
  10. wow must be some kind of record here. got a letter from bcw yesterday saying account is closed and passed back to their clients! and after only ONE SB letter!! :o) now lets see how many other dca's this is passed on to before they give up ....
  11. updated my address, licene came back without my bike category.. dvla admitted that i had passed my test but said I did not transfer my test pass onto my licence within the time alloted.. so bye bye licence and was told all i could do was retake my test! now every time i update my licence I make sure i have a photocopy of my licence before i send it off..
  12. awww nuts! I just sent my statute barred letter to bcw and i didn't add a phone number :o( ( it's for a debt I'm positive I paid off in 1995!) Last time I had any dealings with a dca was on behalf of my SO who had very poor spoken english skills. I used to drive them nuts by putting on the worst stutter I could manage :o)
  13. Ok letters sent :o) lets see what those lovely people at buchanan clark + wells say.... and is it just me or does it look totally unproffesional that they have their name variously capitalised and all in lower case through out their letter?
  14. thanks clemma, I'm just doing the letter to the dca now, and will send to the student loans company as well. That deals with the supposed debt, but what about this new trace agent charge of £16.68 dated 12 june 2009? I know it's a tiny amount and I could pay it easily but it's the principle of paying them for something they never should have charged me! I really am sure I paid the debt off when I had to. Thinking about it last night as I was trying to sleep, I'm sure it was done via the company I was working for and there was a line underneath my tax and nic's line saying student loan.. Unfortunately I just checked all my old payslips and I haven't got any before 2000 so there again I have no proof I paid :o(
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