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  1. Well I stated to them to begin with that I could no longer afford the finance and they said that any termination would result in the car being repossessed. I stated that the only way that this would happen is if they took the car and finished the finance as I had no way of paying it or the outstanding balance. I stated that I no longer wanted the car due to the reliability issues and they could take it but only if it finished the finance. I've been misled by the dealer, finance company and warranty provider who never even told me to speak to the finance company if the car had problems - had I been aware of that I would have been straight on the phone to them. Sorry if I'm a bit blunt I'm not feeling well at the moment due to emotional issues.
  2. I stated that they could come and collect the car as long as the finance was finished. I could no longer afford to keep the car as it just needed too much in repairs done to it. I was not aware of the options available as they never told me and never helped me with repairs for the car and never understood that there were several other options available. This seems to prove how crooked they are and how they prey on vulnerable people who are not aware of their own rights.
  3. That is the warranty issue for the same car - I did email them to end the agreement beforehand as they refused to help me with repairs to the car and it was also having a negative effect on my health.
  4. The only money they will get will be between 0% and 50% as I will be going either the IVA or debt management route. The agreement was for 3 years.
  5. The car was worth £3500, I paid 12 installments of £125 (about £1500) and the total finance was about £4400. I told them to come and get the car as it had too many starting and running problems and I couldn't afford to keep repairing it. I have also informed action fraud about it as well as they restarted the direct debits without my consent but I'm changing banks soon so they won't have any luck next time.
  6. Hi again, due to personal and financial circumstances I had a car on finance but the car became unreliable with many issues. I stopped payments to Close Brothers due to the problems and being unable to afford them and the car was repossessed. However they got really nasty towards me and tried to restart the finance without my consent on 2 occasions (not enough money in the account and I cancelled the direct debits each time). After a rather heated and blue language phone call to them I have decided to change my bank to a new bank and take the direct debits I want to take with me (crucially not their one). My query is that they are saying that I am still liable to pay them even after the car has been repo'd and are they legally allowed to restart the finance without my consent? The car is (or rather was) 1 year into a 3 year agreement. I just need factual answers so I know which way to go.
  7. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/220597 https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/209519 These are the 2 petitions...
  8. In petition.parliament there are a few petitions against the Financial Ombusman Service (especially with the findings from Channel 4's Dispatches about how 'competent' the ombudmsan service is). One of the petitions has been set up by myself but I'm not sure if I can directly link to it from this forum so I'll just put up a signpost for people to follow if anyone is interested.
  9. I made the dealer aware of the fault in November/December and he turned around and said it was caused by putting Supermarket diesel in, the fault has only truthfully been diagnosed on the 2nd March and the mechanic repaired the air intake on 5th March - I bought the car on 9th September. I've emailed the garage to send a report on it though he may have mentioned something on the repair receipt. The warranty was bundled with the car for free.
  10. Hi I bought a car from a dealer back in September I've been advised that the turbo needs replacing. I have 1 years warranty with the car the warranty provider is trying to claim that it is wear and tear. I have checked the policy booklet and the turbo is NOT amongst the items not covered on the scheme I have. My mechanic stated that the air intake was broken around the turbo area and the seal was broken in half, he stated that it looked like a botched repair previously done. I have sent the warranty provider an email threatening legal action with my findings and am ready to take action against the dealer concerned. I have written a threatening letter to the RAC (the RAC are in charge of the dealer concerned) as well but I would like some advice or ideas how I can progress this matter?
  11. Banks, putting profits first and customers second as usual...
  12. Gross incompetence on 247MB's part then, but then your bank should have just pulled back the payment if they weren't playing ball. I'd have a meeting with your bank manager about that if I were you...
  13. Great help there thanks I have just concocted a letter to them which I think will make them take notice, so to speak. I'll get my dad to read and sign it to make sure he's happy with it before sending.
  14. Hi all My dad paid into a prudential work based pension type scheme for many years but sadly lost the paperwork to it (he has moved a number of times) As he is approaching 65 he has tried to contact prudential to have a look at the scheme to consider his options but despite giving them his old details (name DOB, old addresses, etc) they are insisting on an account number before they will do anything. Is there anything that can be done to make them play ball? BTW He has difficulty writing letters and arranging sentences due to dyslexia...
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