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  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with this, or any other DCA. Came round to see my boyfriend after finishing work yesterday to find a letter addressed to me in the kitchen, from 1st credit. The letter states that they have reason to believe that their 'subject' lives at this address. The letter is addressed to me, but starts off as 'dear sir/madam' and goes onto say that they are trying to contact 'the above named individual'. It goes onto say if no contact is made, we will assume you are the individual we are trying to contact and ensure all relevant correspondence is
  2. be careful with these guys though. i eventually had a doorstep visit from meritforce. i wasn't in but my mum spoke to the guy and told him to leave. apparently he was very rude and not atall bothered whether or not the neighbours overheard the conversation. previous to this, they sent letters, from 'hamilton mccarthy' to myself and all of my neighbours regarding my debt. i've already reported them, but the more people who do the better!
  3. this isn't a forum where people come to praise these types of companies. we choose to come here to ask for advice, that is why you are reading negative comments. Peoples circumstances can change. I can safely say i have learned from my experiences and am taking the steps to clear every single debt i have thanks to the people on this forum.
  4. Did anybody receive an email from them today explaining they have a new website?
  5. I did try and set up a payment plan with cash genie and they said the £10 I offered wasn't enough. They went on to say I could offer to pay off more and they would consider it and to leave my bank details. I recently got a new bank account for my wages to be paid into and no way am I giving my bank details out so they can raid my account! Does anybody know if this company will agree to giving their bank details so I can pay directly into their account? Also, I received a letter from a company called 'grosvenor'. Not got the letter on me but they are a DCA. Anyway, so now I have Hamilt
  6. I too have received a letter from the mrston group. I have already offered a payment plan. Has anybody else heard anything?
  7. I cannot believe this! I too took a loan out with them earlier this year, had trouble paying back but did so in 2 installments (which I didn't authorise but was just glad it had been paid.) After this everytime any money went out of my account some of it was taken straight back out by.........JAMES KEEBLE LOANS! so maybe they reckoned they could keep my details and take money out of my account under a different name and get away with it!! As I've been irresponsible with card details in the past I put this down to being my own fault and never tried to get the money back. Instead I just opened
  8. I've heard it's quite common for payday loan companies to do this. However I thought maybe because I've changed jobs it could've been that, could be both I suppose, who knows!
  9. Ah maybe! I opened up a new account with a different bank that my wages can go into. I am just about to close my other account as I have read many people have set up payment plans and they just help themselves regardless. Thanks, good job I'm no longer taking out payday loans! Remybarnie - Have you had any luck setting up a payment plan?
  10. Hi just a quick update, would be interesting if anyone else is having this experience..... I'm repeatedly receiving the same texts and emails from a company called everydayispayday.co.uk asking me to apply. Each day I get more and more (sometimes upto 5 texts!) And, each time the emails become more and more 'attractive' (i.e discounts and quicker transfer times). Just now I have received another, and the email was marked as 'high priority'. After coming back and updating myself on the thread, I see they are the same company as cash genie, who, obviously I am an arrears with and am tryi
  11. It's disgusting isn't it. I rang them and asked why I should cooperate with them after sending out all of these letters after I had tried to set up a payment plan. They claimed it wasn't them even though they had previously said they had 'passed on the debt' to this company. I had this happen a total of 3 times, god knows what the neighbours think!!!! I have opened up a new bank account as I'd got into a bit of a mess with a couple payday loan companies including the infamous toothfairy and have now written to them asking to set up payment plans, but am NOT giving them my bank details, no w
  12. I went on their website and they don't seem to offer any debt collecting services
  13. Right, you just need to visit the website and (i think) in the FAQ section you will find their bank details. All you need to do is take the money, go to the bank and ask to pay the money into that account. Remember to use your mobile number as the reference so they know it's you who has paid.
  14. does anybody know why the toothfairy thread has been removed? thanks, m
  15. hi 42man cant find details of them on the internet. The letters they sent were all written on expensive paper & they look pretty legitimate. I have just been advised to report them. It's so embarrassing though, but atleast I have the proof as a couple of neighbours have given them to me (god knows how many people received them!) They obviously know my address just thought they'd embarrass me! Their address was on the letter I will post it when I am home tomorrow.
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