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  1. Hi everyone Got a fine for not displaying a ticket in a private car park at a hospital. Have been ignoring all the letters from them so far but am starting to get scared and would like some lovely reassurance please! These are the circumstances of my case Visiting dad in hospital, bought ticket, left my 13 yr old daughter to put it in car and she stuck it on the windscreen the wrong way, ie. back of ticket facing out Came back to find penalty notice on the car Ignored this and then started receiving letters demanding payment etc Ignored these and now they are threatening that the next letter will be a court summons Starting to get a bit wobbly! Do you think now is the time to start to get into correspondence with them using 1 of the template letters? Should I produce the ticket or will this be evidence that I was driving? Is it likely that they will have photographic evidence of me as the driver or the placement of the ticket? I know you must get asked the same questions constantly, but I am starting to worry now and would really appreciate some advice and support. Thanks for any that comes my way!
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