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  1. Hi Guys, I have been forwarded a voicemail today from Welcome for me stating that if they do not speak to me by the end of the day they will be applyinh for an attachment of earnings - is that allowed?
  2. Morning All, As it's a dark, miserable, grey day I thought I would give you all a little ray of sunshine to cheer you all up... UPDATE 1Cattles says to close Welcome branches cut staff yet another nail in an almost completely sealed coffin methinks?
  3. Does anybody have a brief list of the reasons for missold PPI?
  4. Hi All, Well I've had my subject access request back with details of my current loan - I'm sure from the figures that I will be being charged interest on the acceptance fee (£75), but would somebody be about to take a look at it for me? Some interesting notes on the telephone logs as well - calling 118 400 to try to get work numbers, looking at my work website address to try to get contact details etc! I'll try to scan in documents this afternoon
  5. Hi Tariq Would you be able to PM me the number that "Med" called from - I think I had a similar call on my work number this morning (left a very muffled voicemail). I want to check because there is no way they should be using, or even have, that number!
  6. Here's another quick question - despite the telephone harassment letter being received by them over 3 weeks ago now they are still calling a couple of times a day (interestingly now it shows up as the main contact number for Welcome rather than the local office number - same person though) Is there a certain letter I should send them?
  7. Well it's been 14 days since I sent the CCA and I haven't received anything yet. However according to the post office website they haven't received it yet (sent recorded). Can anybody offer any advice as to the next steps? Thanks
  8. From my point of view Stevie, you will get a huge amount of very good advice from some very well versed people on here who have been through the process many times. If you're confident enough I would wait for the advice on here and see if you can deal with it yourself, but that's me.
  9. Aha - I had the same letter from Welcome a few days earlier from you (although it does not state whether it is in response to my CCA or my telephone harrasment letter!) The only difference between the your letter and mine is that the last paragraph on mine reads "Should you have any issues in sending me the above please contact me on the number stated below" - from what I can see they didn't ask me to send them anything!
  10. Well here's an interesting response to my telephone harrasment letter (I can't scan at the moment but below is the entire contents of their letter): "Thank you for bringing to our attention your issue regarding your personal loan agreement. I have been trying to contact you to discuss your issues via telephone but have been unsuccessful. Should you have any issues in sending me the above, please contact me on the number stated below." Now I'm sure it's not just me, but I see 2 problems here: 1. The letter I sent was regarding telephone harassment and stating that ALL f
  11. Will do - thanks Post And don't worry - it takes a lot more than that to get me in a panic!
  12. I haven't - I definitely remember signing the agreement for 36 months, although there's only one way to find out for sure! No - nothing on the back - just a single sheet of paper
  13. I do remember them saying that they looked at it over 48 months but the monthly repayments were only £6 per month less!!
  14. I don't - I have sent the SAR off. The agreement was over 36 months
  15. Well I got at least some of the details through - what should I do next?
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