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  1. Spain8

    Can anyone help me??

    True, lets hope they have binned it, thanks very much for your help.
  2. Spain8

    Can anyone help me??

    Sorry if I appear stupid but is there anywhere on a DVLA website that I can check to see if they still have us as having the old address or if they have our status as no current contact address??
  3. Spain8

    Can anyone help me??

    Thanks very much for such a quick reply. I have no idea if they have tried to contact us but we have not sent anything to them since we left the UK. If they have sent us anything it is possible that the new owners would have returned as "no longer at this address"???
  4. Spain8

    Can anyone help me??

    Hi I am new to this forum so hope this works!! I moved to Spain from UK 5 years ago, now moving to Australia. I was going to speak to DVLA but wanted some advise first before I open a big can of worms. I have never changed my address on my drivers licence, I have never been requested to do it is Spain and so my old address from UK is still on it. When I get to Oz I will have to change my drivers licence and will have to show my UK drivers licence. I was wondering if anyone knows that, if I call the DVLA they will fine me for never updating my address even though I am not in the UK and have not had a new UK address to change it to?? (hope this makes sense ) Thanks
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