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  1. Update: Received Acknowledgement of Service today (Thurs 16/11) from Cobbetts. It was unsigned and states Natwest will defend all of claim. I am claiming for £1698.36 + 8% The filing of the Acknowledgement of Service allows the defendant 28 days from the date my Particulars of Claim were served to file a defence or contest the Courts jurisdiction so........ I'm back playing the waiting game! Will the next correspondence be from Cobbetts or the Court?
  2. Update: 27 OCT- went to Court to hand over Claim Form & Particulars of Claim and have them served on NatWest. 9 NOV - received Notice of Issue from the Court giving NatWest until 24 Nov to reply. Any guesses on what will happen next?
  3. Thanks alot Gimme! Good luck to you too! Remember, it's just a matter of time!
  4. Decided on 18/10 to write to HO Bishopsgate and enclose copies of Prelim and LBA letters and tell them no replies from Branch and given them one more week before going to Court. Exactly one week later, today received standard letter from Stuart Higley in Borehamwood which began with an apology for not receiving replies from Branch. He has taken this up with Area Manager to ensure Branch responds fully and promptly to complaints. Anyhow, definitely off to Court tomorrow to serve papers on them!
  5. Still not a word from NatWest in 28 days and after 2 letters so off to Court tomorrow to submit my claim. Is this normal?
  6. Please can anyone tell me whether there is a quick way of finding my own thread without having to search through the many pages? Thanks It's now 11th Oct and still not heard a word from NatWest. 28 days is up on Monday so will fill in N1 and take it to court on Tuesday.
  7. Hi Knightreplica! That was a very useful post to all of us on here! Thanks! Just interested to know, was the request of payment on 7th a Prelim letter or LBA letter and did your letters go to your own branch or the registered office? Regards John
  8. Just getting the Letter Before Action letter ready to send off on Monday as still haven't heard anything. Should this go to the Branch Manager like the Prelim letter or to the Registered address in Bishopsgate? Your advices appreciated.
  9. Please can anyone tell me whether there is a quick way of finding my own thread without having to search through the many pages? Thanks
  10. Update: One week on and not heard anything from NatWest. One week to go before I send Letter Before Action letter.
  11. Prelim letter and Schedule of Charges set to go Recorded Delivery tomororow 18/9 to my own branch Manager.
  12. I have found the Freepost address of NatWest's Complaints Dept in Borehamwood and wonder if I should send my Prelim Letter to them or my own branch or both?
  13. Hi all I have all my statements and worked out all charges and interest and done a prelim letter asking for my money back but now I'm unsure where to send it. Do I send it to my own branch or to Sir Fred Goodwin GCEO in Edinburgh or to someone else. Please can you help?
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