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  1. everythng you say is true all i can speak is from experence
  2. true but this is all the info the dvla has if they dont reply you get a v5 in your name [i know ive done this] the only other thing you can do is a hpi check.
  3. this is what happens if you buy the bike the dvla write to the last regested owner if they dont reply they issue the v5 in your name you win,if he does reply and says the bike is his you lose.
  4. even if he has most policys only replace with standard parts
  5. Admittedly sometimes auxiliary belt failure does affect the cambelt, but very rarely. I've had 2 aux belts come off in my time and none of them affected the cam belt operation. sorry got to disagree with you on this one in fact ive just done a 406 where the aux belt had snapped wrapped round the cambelt and wrecked the engine cost 500 pounds as a goodwill i would ask the garage to replace the aux belt free of charge
  6. hi as a keen biker and a harley owner i am amazed that he has used a car wheel,when there are custom wheels avaliable.i dont even know how he has managed to fit it to the bike as the center would be wrong and having 4/5 wheel bolt holes would look cr@P and how is the rear brake mounted? if its anywhere near nottingham drop me a pm and il go and have a look if you like,i also know a few people who could do the work.
  7. in october 09 i was working for a agency as a driver when i had a small accident(nobody hurt just bent metal no police involed] i filled in a accident form and gave it to the company.shortley after this they got rid of me. i have now recived a letter from the insurance company wanting me to go to a meeting with them to give a full statement.they say they are attempting to deny liability for me however the other side are pursuing the matter. they say the other side could subpoenae me to appear in court as a witness and they want to avoid this. i think the insurance company dont want to p
  8. okay so if some little lad walks past a car parked on the pavement and smacks his head on the wing mirror he could sue the car owner? as a car on the pavement has got to be a obstruction. or when does a parked car become a obstruction?,
  9. are you sure its legal to park on the pavement?
  10. yes the fence might be a eye sore and falling down but i dont think you have to have a fence on your boundary.also if i but a 3 foot fence up and your dog jumped over it its up to you to make it secure.he might just take the hole thing down if you moan to much!then when your dog goes in his garden he be moaning at you and if your dog bit him /kids you could have big proplems. the best thing to do is to talk to him but he might not have any cash for a new fence good luck
  11. just because it is his boundary he does not have to but a fence up.we had a simalar proplem as we had a new bloke move in with a dog and he wanted us to but a fence up so his dog didnt get out.we pointed out to him that it was up to him to keep his dog under control and of our land.after a couple of times his dog came over and messed on our garden we took photos and told him that we would report him for failing to control his dog.he then asked if we would allow him to but a fence up to which we said yes.we still had to listen to his dog barking for 2 years till we moved.
  12. gutted i dont understand how you could have lost
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