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  1. Well, my final thought to you on this Saturday night is like you said, "let's leave it up to the jury!" mightymouse, you are entitled to your opinion........but I am extremely glad you didn't add your tuppence worth to my case when I was at my lowest ebb last summer! chancentrate, hopefully some other forum members will come along with some constructive help, support and advice for you.
  2. mightymouse, you can check or tick all the boxes you like! I ain't a lawyer, but I do believe there has to be 'intent'?? In this case, clearly there was none! Like I said, oblivously innocent! And ps...........let's give this person a little bit of help and support.........and not spout text book check lists!
  3. "and the security calls up the civil recovery people" chancentrate..........do you know why they did this?? Because they doubted this incident would hold water, and wanted to clarify it with RLP! They do this if they are uncertain as to whether they should proceed....thus meaning there is doubt over the whole incident! Just another thought, how would Heat magazine feel about Tesco selling out of date issues?? If the correct issue was on the shelf in the first place, this whole incident would never have occurred!
  4. OMG mightymouse............what a load of absolute b*llocks!! Sorry, but it really is!! "This was very much a steal??" Absolutely not! I hope if I am ever tried in a court of law you aint on the jury!! IMHO, the OP was just in a rush and thought he/she could save herself a little bit of time.....and didn't think he/she was doing anything wrong! Some people are obliviously innocent in their thinking and don't honestly believe there is any deceipt in their actions. Naieve perhaps, but obliviously innocent in my book! chancentrate, read through the threads by JonCris and await his PM. Good luck and keep us posted! Do not take this lying down! You DO NOT deserve to be on any register of offenders!! Button
  5. I know this link doesn't apply to Retail Loss Prevention, however it is a clear indication that certain stores have "gone barmy"!! Girl told to show ID to buy a QUICHE in Tesco 'because she looked under 21' | Mail Online
  6. Here is a comment which someone added under the Daily Mail article.......... "Happened to me. I tried on a coat and had taken off a scarf which I had bought in Germany. Left the scarf in the store. Returned to the store some days later to find my scarf tagged and on the rack. Treated me like a criminal."
  7. Oh dear, the profits from their illicit dealings with RLP must be down.....;-) TK Maxx puts toddler's homemade toy on sale after she loses it on shopping trip | Mail Online
  8. Rhode, I am sorry to hear about your job situation. Stealing is not the answer though - I hope that you now realise that. The security guard had absolutely no right to take away your Job Centre Allowance book. In effect, he has stolen from you. There is also absolutely no way any third party could "call and tell" the Job Centre of your predicament. You have every right to get the book back - this country has a criminal justice system in place, however, security guards seem to think they are above the law and can dictate their own set of rules. You probably don't want to enter the store again (I presume you have been hit with a banning order anyway??) but someone needs to go on your behalf and retrieve your book. I doubt very much if the police will be involved now - if they were to be involved, the store would have called them at the time of the incident and Boots would have held you until they arrived. It does however, sound like you are aware of the serious and detrimintal affects a criminal record could have on your life. Please let this be a lesson and never put yourself in this situation again. With regards to RLP, you will receive a letter from them, probably requesting you pay around £135. The Citizens Advice Bureau has recently written a report on civil recovery - yes, stealing is wrong, however so is extortion and blackmail!......two things which RLP specialise in!! Stick with this forum for help and advice as to how best to deal with RLP.
  9. Yes, the RLP letter. I can only hope that there will be no letter because 6-7 months is a completely unrealistic timeframe. If you don't want to tell your mum, do you have a guidance teacher or another adult you can trust with whom you can share this problem with? Or do you have a Citizens Advice in your town/city? Try not to worry too much about this - it's not as bad as it seems but I know it's difficult not to worry.
  10. dilz, having read your posts again, along with the fact that you were allowed to pay for the item (normally, you aren't as your visit to the store constitutes trespassing) in my opinion, the security guard was just trying to scare you by saying you'll receive a letter in 6 - 7 months. Hopefully, there will be no letter and that will be the end of it.
  11. Yip, it's a disgrace - absolutely shocking! It is very sad to see. In my first post, I hadn't read properly how old the OP was. Having re-read the posts again, there is one post where dilz advises the security guard said the letter will arrive in 6 - 7 months?? I hope there is no such letter and that the guard was just trying to scare them??
  12. You don't have the worry of a criminal conviction which is a good thing. You are a young boy and shouldn't have this worry hanging over you - if you can, confide in your mum because it's alot to deal with on your own. This forum will support and help you and give you good advice - do not pay RLP - again, the chances of them taking you to court are zero. They will however, keep sending you letters, so it's maybe better to tell your mum because she might find out anyway.
  13. diltz621, from my experience, RLP are pretty quick at sending out their letters, so if you are to receive one, it will be within a couple of days. Their 'normal' amount of money they request is usually anywhere between £70 - £135 (sorry to scare you with that, but just so you can know what to expect). The chances of them taking you to court are absolutely zero, zilch, none!! You are under 18 so there is no way! And even if you were over 18, it's still slim to none! Are you able to confide in your parents about this?
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