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  1. Excellent topic. I literally just found this after googling 'orange iphone plans identical' and it being on the first page, within two hours of it being posted, and me happening to be searching for it. Very interesting information and lets me know exactly which network to choose. Cheers
  2. Back at the beginning of July I posted this topic about how a Martson's bailiff had turned up at my door demanding a payment of £727 in full, or he would have to force entry with a locksmith and take goods. Despite the fact I tried to explain that barely anything in the house is mine (Parents house), and that I am just a student and couldn't afford to pay in full, but would make a payment of £100 on the day and arrange a plan. He wasn't interested in taking a part payment, which was probably the worst move he made because I imagine i'd still be dealing with them if I gave them any money.
  3. He called again today. I took the day off work to be here. I've been out this morning and signed two stat decs... one stating the only things in the property I own are my bed, a chest of draws, and my clothes, and another for the courts with other issues raised. When he arrived I handed him the one I had sent to the courts, he returned to his van for 20 minutes to read it and was on the phone. He returned telling me he'd been on the phone to the court and they'd all had a good laugh about it and the issue still stands, so I handed him the second one which stated what I own. He r
  4. Very nice letter indeed. However, with regards to "Please note if you threaten me with 'locksmiths' you commit an offence of breaking & entering as defined under Section 12 of the Theft Act 1968 and you will be automatically reported."... with this being a magistrates court fine, don't they have the right to force entry?
  5. Hi... been frantically trying to source whatever information I can today regarding this. The short story is this: I was given a fine by the courts for driving without valid insurance, and being a student was paying it off in weekly installments of £5. I missed two weeks and when I called to pay the arrears I was told it had been sent to the bailiff and there was nothing they can do. When I called the Bailiff (Marstons) immediately upon hearing this, I was told they didn't even have a record of it yet and i'd have to wait. This was in early may. I first recieved a letter from Mar
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