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  1. Hi yes i believe only £55 is owed techncially as the default registered was for only £1315 and i have paid £1260. So dont see how they can justify the other amount added. Any suggestions? or can they legally added to the defaulted amount?
  2. Dx I guess i've got to send the letter regards to the calls to stop them and any further corrospodence in writing. But then i know they will write back demanding the amount owed they claim to be £1719 (which they have added interest or charges onto which has inflated the amount by 30% of the default amount). I want to put the matter to bed but am looking for guidance on the best way of closing this but taking in to effect that i have paid 1260 of the £1315 the origional registered default amount, i would be happy to pay them as full and final payment. I'm just no
  3. when i was paying capquest the amount owed on the CRA's did show as falling!!
  4. thanks for replying so quickly dx1000uk. Can a dca add interest to the account? And at what rate? Should i send the letter regards to the telpehone calls? Thanks
  5. Hi Everybody I am hoping to get some advise urgently and the right way to proceed. I had a defaulted bank account with RBS after becoming unemployed and I was unable to get out of the circle of charges after charges to the account and the account defaulted in March 2005. I dont have statements but the default fell off my credit files in March 2011 and but the registered sum of the default was £1315 and the account was never CCJ'd. I would say I was overdrawn to about £500-600 at the time and the bank charges to the account were approx £700-800 with a default of £131
  6. dx100uk thanks for the prompt response to my reply. This was a bank account overrdraft which was defaulted back in march 05. Which was overdrawn to the sum of about £400 but defaulted on my credit file at £1315, with £915 being bank penalty charges. As i said i ended up paying back capquest around £1210 and questioned the amount owed as the default amount on my credit file was £1315 and the were after £1750! Any advice please on the outstanding debt search only on my equifax credit file. Should i write to them again and if so what? Will this not affect my credit rating as equifax sta
  7. Right just received another letter today from past due The letter is basically headed as reduced settlement offer. Amount Owed: £459 and as gesture of goodwill capquest have authorised them to reduce the amount to £229 and if i pay this in full i will have nothing more to pay. Goes on to say this is limited time offer and if i dont they will continue to press to recover the full amount. Now i dont believe i owe them anymore but to get rid of them and capquest for once and for all i am thinking maybe i should accept the offer on the condition they 1st remove the search from
  8. Have had this response from Equifax today: Thank you for getting in touch. 'Outstanding debt' searches displayed in the 'Table 1' section of a Credit Report will have been carried out as part of a debtor tracing procedure by the creditor or their appointed agent. These searches aren't visible to any lender performing a credit application enquiry or to any other creditor tracing a debtor or collecting overdue debt. This information remains on your credit report for 2 years from the search date. For further information on the search you should contact the company that carrie
  9. follow the advise given. check your credit files ASAP.
  10. Ok thanks for the advice dx100uk and BRIGADIER2JCS. I've sent that letter today so we'll see what i get back from them! A bit concerned about the search they've made on my credit file and it getting it removed. I would consider paying off the debt to finally get rid of it for once and for all. Maybe negotiate the amount due down and insist on the removal of the search. Which I think was done maliciously. What do you think? And good luck with yours too Darkstorm1308
  11. gonna send this letter Dear Sir/Madam You have contacted me regarding the account with the above Case number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to Past Due Credit Solutions or the client you claim to be representing Capquest. I am are familiar with the CPUTR 2008 and the Office of Fair Trading's Guidance on debt collection, which states that it unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question. I would also point out that the OFT say un
  12. Hi all I too have received a letter from these cretins as well. I received the formal demand letter from Past Due Credit on behalf of their client Capquest, dated 6th Feb and giving me until the 13th Feb to pay £459 debt owed but today I received a Notice of Impending Action letter from them. Letter says as i have not paid off an outstanding debt of £459 off and that they may recommend Cap Quest to issue a claim against me in court. What should I do? Basically this was an old bank acc with RBS which was defaulted in March 2005 and this fell off my credit file in March 2011. Cap
  13. Emailed cap 1 last week in regards to accepting their offer of the money and discontinuing the claim, provided we both picked up our own costs. They sent me a cheque, which i received today in the post and tomlin report to sign. I've attached the tomlin report, can you please take a look and let me know if I'm alright to sign this? Looks ok and has the text for 'No Costs'.tomlin report.pdf Thanks for the all the help and guidance
  14. i am out my depth here now and really need to some guidance now. What should my next course of action be? Obviously i don't want to be getting battered by costs is their anyway i can continue or should now take the money and discontinue!! From the advise I've received that is what it seems! Hopefully some can advise different.
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