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  1. anyone help me with my query from above???????????????????
  2. just a quick query before tomorrow, should i call them or reply to them on the acceptance letter that i will only accept if a chq is made payable to myself, or should i send in the lba saying im not accepting this unless its on my terms June
  3. should i then decline their offer and issue the lba stating i want this money by cheque before i will accept. Dont get me wrong im going to be paying off all the debt in about 4 weeks but its not the point... Thanks for your response Martin
  4. Well where do i begin.... had a time of it and the post office are rubbish....sent my letter at beginning of April and sent my letter registered post, kept telling me that my letter wasnt delivered (twice its happened), so had waited over my 14days, then went into the bank with my letter asked for a signature, girl said i would need to enclose copies of the statements i was claiming back, so away i went, been so busy at work that sort of forgot, just when i did remember i got a letter from the bank telling me they are willing to pay me my £1100 (ish) back though just as a good will gesture as
  5. Thanks for all your help its really been appreciated, so here goes and hope all is well that ends well, will keep you posted. June
  6. being a pain again but looking on the faq's for my letter saying i want the money back and it quotes in the letter "What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX . I enclose a schedule of the charges which I am claiming with this letter" does this now mean i show them on the spreadsheet the amount with interest in the off chance(aye right) that if they dont comply June
  7. you have been a great help as thought i was never going to get a response ;-(, will get that done tonight and away first thing in the morning, will have to look up the address for this one or might send to the local bank and they can forward on for me. Thanks again June
  8. Hi Lil-Jo, Thanks for getting back to me was beginning to think i was going to have to go into the blind but youve been my saviour. im glad i waited as i was going to try and claim back for the 6years and would have done it ar*e from elbow on the spreadsheet. I had known about the £750 in Scotland, pain in the bum though eh..... The monthly amounts were on roughly the same dates thats why i wondered but i didnt think that i would agree to pay £40 a month for a royalties thing, then there are different amount, to be honest i will prob keep these out and claim for the amount which i th
  9. Hi just wondering if anyone can help me with my earlier questions as i want to get the ball rolling as soon as, due to xmas and money being on the tight side and would appreciate anyone giving me some input as to whether i will be making a idiot of myself if i go ahead with the info i have just now... June
  10. Hi ive not been on for a while due to circumstances and ive been reading through the post tonight to get myself back up to date with the process, however im stuck and in need of help or a few questions answered. Firstly i read that i can only claim back on 5yrs and not 6 or over? and also when im doing the spreadsheet i start from the earliest charge backwards? is this right? Also on the statements there are some charges that look like royalties silver and gold as if im right they were £5 & £10 but there are some chgs to acc ..... and are for like £20 to £40 i know i cant claim f
  11. Thanks very much both of you, i dont feel so thick now, just dont want to do something and then muck it up, though will have to take them to court on 2 accounts as its over £750 for the 6yrs and as i live in Scotland its only that amound i can claim at any time but if i get the £750 in the first place i will be over the moon with that, just need to work out how to split it up lol oh the joys but i will certainly have fun with this one June x
  12. Hi just managed to work out how to get the excel templates what a nightmare ive had with that, anyway on looking through the threads and faq site, am i correct in saying when i send my letter away asking for my unlawful charges refunded that although the template works out the 8% interest im not wanting that until i take them to court? that all im asking for is the money they have charged me unlawfully? and if i dont get it then im taking them to court and looking for the 8% added on? June x
  13. Hi im unable to open any of the spreadsheets in the library, i need the one for Scotland and with the 8% interest added on if anyone is able to oblige and send it or tell me what im doing wrong. June
  14. the ticket needs to be attatched to your car, (anywhere it doesnt matter) before it is legal however its your word against his and he has a target to meet so he will keep it up saying you were issued with it.
  15. if this ticket was issued by a police traffic warden then its a simple letter and it will be cancelled due to the error as it wont stand up in court the fact its not been done correctly. however as i said before im not sure how it works with council ones though in principal it should still count and they have not given you a validated ticket which would then be void. however as RightRevBod says if you send them a chq for £0 then they cant say you didnt try and pay lol
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