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  1. fantastic I WON WOOOOOHOOOOO please follow the link as promised to see the help and how I won...... fantastic hehe I been hit with an (PCN) help - FightBack Forums
  2. thanks every one... what was written in the letter was not written by me as I have very bad spelling and writing's difficulties... it was written by some cool dude who is helping me by writing it up for me... to be honest I am quite clueless about the way things work, I know of legalese and some lawful rebellion freeman stuff like rob marard.... I love this type of information and want to learn and grow my knowledge of it... I didn't understand some things in this thread & mabey was a bit impatient so I went to other sites have to thank Home | www.tpuc.org who I got r
  3. ill post the bay picture too ImageShack Gallery and google street map view 10 The Dr, Croydon, Greater London CR7 8, United Kingdom - Google Maps
  4. just out of learning and interest i was on another site and they told me this.... hope it helps this thread...... http://web.mac.com/rmbscarb/iWeb/rmbconsul...0challenge.html should give you all the information you need - clearly the bay is a hybrid of the 1028.4 and 1032 markings. Unless specific authorsation has been obatined from DfT for those markings, then the parking restrictions are unenforceable. Go to the Council and ask for the Traffic Order relating the the bays - you have a right to view this so don't go the Freedom of Information route, it will just delay things.
  5. I know I am sorry for that I tried to deleted some posts as at I had problems uploading pictures.....
  6. they scare you with the money to with make some words bold like MUST and FULL lol these people truly are rip offs. its an independent agency meaning a business/company with shareholders so i belive anyway i hope im doing the right thing as im stinking BROKE
  7. i just sent them this reply hello sir/miss I am appealing this PCN and acept your notic like I said I was only trying to get change so I can place in the meeter, I only had a £5 note. I see the gentlemen on mopeds theses days so it was impossible for me to talk to him and explain, I was only away for less then a moment... I had to get change and I had no other option but to go to the shop/means of a way to get change. I did pay after as I had an oppointment for that day at the job center for an 40 minuit interview & can prove this,,, so I did pay & display I did not i
  8. so is it a mistake I have made, I i parked out side the box on the yellow line I would of had 5 minutes???? so do I have to pay this can I not fight still>?>? I didn't have change and their was nobody around to get change, the machine dose not give change or take notes what was I meant to do? do I have to change the angle or my next reply? is their any templates??? thanks
  9. sorry editd basically their saying they didn't see me going to the shop lol... sorry my wringing and spelling is very bad I have a spell check and everything
  10. I got an image shack thing here look ImageShack Gallery p.s thanks every one
  11. man these people just wont give up but nor will I.... I need some help to wright to them as my reply to the leeches..... their reply to me 2#
  12. I received this on my car one day...... "and I sent them this reply but I wasn't educated enough I didn't think I have to be.. the guy only waited 1 minute. I was in a parking bay where you need a pay & display, I went to the shop to get change what wasn't too busy & by the time I got back I had that on my car..." this is what I sent just with out the fake name and doh postcode... (my 1st reply) "jonny smith 666 trying to shaft me col d sack london, croydon no ple PCN: 00000000000 reg: 000000 hello sir/miss I am appe
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