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  1. Hi, I don't know which email address for Hermes that you used. I couldn't find any useful email for them, and can't deal with phone calls at any time, customer services weren't much use to me for that reason. I did find a CEO email for them and did get a response direct from that dept. In case you don't have that email address it is [email protected] I included my mobile number in with my complaint and they did ring me to discuss. Hope this may help.
  2. Just to update. When I checked mum's UC account this morning there was a letter attached to the journal. They have kept her in the LCWRA and we have only had to update the commitment to report any changes etc. Big relief.
  3. In further praise of them, they said on phone statement up, correct, and that the payment would go in tomorrow 9th as expected, but it is already in my account. A day even earlier.
  4. On this occasion it was definitely quicker than a journal entry. We have waited up to 3 weeks before for a journal reply, the quickest was 2 days., and only once that quick. And with the amount of new claimants and journals to check that will be a bigger task for them and a longer wait for claimants too. Had it not been April and the new housing element change mum's statement would have gone up automatically, its the change on the 6th messed up the statement for the 7th. But thankfully we got through on the phone. So I suggest anyone ringing them just stay on the phone, I would have stayed th
  5. Just to update. I had to try 6 times to get on the call waiting list, got cut off about 6 times as they couldnt take any more calls. Got through on lucky number 7, a free call with a 30 minute wait and I got through, impressed to be honest. All done and sorted within a few minutes. Statement up confirmed that the payment will go in tomorrow. Have had some rude operators in the past but by and large most of them are lovely people and so apologetic today even though we all know the current situation is not their fault. I thanked them for being there. Mum is coming down now from her high anxiety
  6. If it isnt sorted out by or on 9th tomorrow, will it just mean its likely to be a bit late or should i still keep trying via phone if no reply in journal? sorry if obvious answer am just concerned for mum who is high anxiety over it all. Direct debits for rent etc will have to be temp cancelled if the money doesnt go in by a certain date, which include rent...
  7. What is worrying me now is that we had a notice up on the account on the 6th to update housing details, ie april increase in rent, which we did, we had the letter from our landlord previously but couldnt update until the 6th, checked via journal and were told to do on the 6th, and it was up on the account when i checked in for mum on the 6th telling us to do it. I think now that may be holding it up? Previously told if notices go up you have to do it.
  8. Hi, So it's not up there yet. Have sent message in her journal but they dont answer very quickly at normal times so am a bit concerned now. I will try and ring them at 930 when the phone lines are now on,reduced hours due to the coronavirus.
  9. Ah right. Her March payment was the last one that took £25 for paying off her advance payment. So this April one will be £25 more, maybe that is why, and its done manually and not preset. I have no idea how it works. But that sounds like it fits with what your saying. I know your information is always correct. Thankyou.
  10. Hi everyone, so i logged in for mum as her statement should be on there today, but it isnt. It was saying on her account that the statement would be up on the 7th, today. Its not there and there is no other note on there re her payment. Also as her payment day would be Saturday and Friday is the start of the Easter weekend, the dwp have online that payments during that time will be made on the 9th. But with no statement up does this mean her payment hasnt been released or cleared for the month yet?.
  11. face to face assessments i meant for those on sickness benefits and disability
  12. I dont know how to link things...but i have just googled dwp and coronavirus, and found that the dwp announced as from 17th march that all assessments for health ie disability and universal credit sick benefits, are suspended for three months. Some may be done by phone and some on paper.
  13. we have drafted a letter which we will post recorded delivery so we will know its been signed for etc. We have done as you have stated and informed her that the financial situation hasn't changed, we will pay the same amount on the same date each month, that we will only communicate by writing. She made accusations that we hadn't updated things that we were obliged to....however as it happens these things were from 2yrs ago before we moved away and thank goodness we keep copies of everything for 6 years, so put in copies of our proof that she is wrong. We have decided
  14. I know dx100uk, its the fact its a council and this woman is so forceful, but yes you are right it is an old debt. the letter received from her this morning demanding we ring her back within 7 days to discuss further, we will reply that we can only deal with letters and repeat our financial situation is the same. If she threatens court then i guess we deal with that if it happens. She really unhinged me, its the anxiety. Old fear from back then i guess. Thank you for being patient.
  15. its a council and the woman dealing with this is has this typed below her name " former/debt/credit recovery (corporate debt)", my family member was in a nightmare situation when they got evicted, my only real regret for them is that they didn't come to me sooner when they could have given the home up and moved in with me, owed less and avoided eviction, but hindsight is wonderful. We are just a bit worried that as it is a council and the eviction went through court that they will be heavy handed, the woman is very aggresive on the phone. She demands bank statemen
  16. Hi Guys, sorry i am back again. a payment arrangement has been in place with this ex landlord for quite some time, they have written to ask if the financial situation has changed etc. They included a financial statement i think its called with a list of incoming and outgoings etc. After the eviction a payment plan was set up and has been paid regularly. Unfortunately they haven't accepted the new form that was returned to them as it is stating (truthfully) a nil income. The reason for this is that my family member who was the one evicted who then came to
  17. Yes i see what you mean....its more the waiting time i think, dreading the post but then wanting the news, is how she is. I will email and see what happens. Whichever way i will if i need to, again fight her corner. Since 2005 she was in esa support group, won a tribunal in 2009 and in uc lcwra this past year. two years time she will be pension age and all this will be done thank goodness
  18. Hi unclebulgaria67 its a review of current lcwra, they have never contacted her doctor before, its been face to face appts, apart from 2016 when i think the dwp stopped them for a while. I will email them and put it in her journal too. Thanks.
  19. We know there is no set time scale on the outcome of the uc50 form, but due to mum's anxiety level because of the uc50 form and the way the dwp have treated her, I am thinking to email the health and disability people who sent it. She had 4 weeks to return it but at 3 they had sent a reminder, so it was posted that day. I am thinking that as it will be 3 weeks since they would have received it, I will email them and ask if they have a time scale for her form, and also put a message in her uc journal, as I always sign in and check it daily, even
  20. Hi brassnecked, it was a council home. We are no longer housed with them or in that area. Was just hoping to try and get the old rent arrears reduced to get them gone. There is nothing but memories misery struggling and fear about that time and having gotten away and living a new life it would be great to not have any dealings at all with them. Hi Andyorch, thank you for that. It would explain the whole 7 year question etc.
  21. I thought that as it was an eviction, court order etc that it was recorded, I ask as its asked on new tenancy applications if the applicant or anyone moving with them has been evicted in the last 7 years, and some councils will not re-home anyone or anyone that has a person moving with them if they have been evicted in the last 7 years. So am wondering if that's because after 7 years the eviction isn't on record. As is an old debt dropping off records after 6 years. Trying to get a reduced payment on the balance of old rent arrears to get it paid off asap
  22. I apologise if this is in the wrong place, please move if so. Thank you. An eviction that took place in 2014, with rent arrears of £3,200.00 with half of that amount now paid by instalments that continue to be paid. My question is will this eviction stay on public record forever? or is it ever time spent? and if it goes off record at any time is that only when the full arrears have been paid?
  23. Hi unclebulgaria67, yes this is a review, she doesn't really see the GP much as such, its only med reviews and if she is unwell apart from the diagnosed illnesses, she sees nurses for the diabetes checks etc, there is nothing new they can offer her so its a matter of managing and getting through the best she can, which is where I come in as her carer. She had 12 months cbt for bipolar back in 2009, there are no new things added to cbt so there is nothing they can teach her there, her fibromyalgia is treated with pain relief, there is no nhs physical treatment as only a specialised massage i
  24. Hi I log in for mum every day to the online uc account and check it all including the journal. They used the journal to show a letter re a new uc50 on way, the entry was a few days before the form arrived, she had a warning and not just the form fetching up on the mat. I have or she does, 4 weeks to complete and return it, I am going to do a bit each day with her, write most of it for her probably, I have sectioned it out to do in parts for that reason. I have no idea how she would now do this without help, not many questions on it eit
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