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  1. Thank you unclebulgaria. I didn't explain right, my assessment phase was from 5th march, my first payment was 11th April, this May payment is my 2nd payment of UC, but looking at the dates you point me to it will sort itself out on the system.
  2. yes brassnecked it seems a mishmash, the basic rate and the work related groups have been frozen but the lcwra hasn't been frozen, maybe the computer said no lol...
  3. Thanks Andyorch….was wondering as its not on the may payment which went from 5/4 to 4/5.
  4. Hi everyone...so I understand that as of April 2019 the UC group of LCWRA has a rise in payment to £336.20. Does anyone know the actual date in April this applies from?. sorry if its a daft question but all we can find is its in April.
  5. Does anyone know if the uc staff who monitor the journal are the same that we speak to on the helpline? nobody is answering my question in the journal and its been a few days now, they don't usually take so long, its worrying me, I prefer they answer in the journal as its a record.
  6. They are asking about previous earnings in the 12 months before I claimed UC..given that they surely know I wasn't earning and the whole support group transfer episode...I cant just tick the yes or the no answer at it looks like it then leads on to other questions. My daughter will have to ring them as its once again set off my anxiety and they haven't answered in the journal.
  7. Its a real rollercoaster ride with the to do list....now asking me about previous work, to be done on the to do list by a certain date?.....My daughter at my request has asked in the journal if this even applies to me, I don't see that it does. They know I came over from esa support group.
  8. Just had the message through its all sorted now, and I can even see the payment details. All good.
  9. Hi unclebulgaria67...its a housing association. I think what happened was I had a journal message yesterday from UC saying my landlord had written to me about a rent change. My landlord hadnt, as I have internet access I have an online account for rent etc which my daughter manages for me. So yesterday we did the change of details and put the new rent etc figures in on the UC claim, but then they messaged to say my landlord had said a different amount...so we did it all again while I had UC helpline on the phone, we did the same thing and it was fine that time, and they guy on the helpline said he would get it verified with my landlord and he would leave a msg in my journal. He didn't. Seems a mix up now between the two attempts, anyhow my daughter has been in touch with landlord and asked them to verify it again and explaining why...should all be ok by this evening. Then the journal said I was still claiming esa which I am not and I cant get UC...we messaged on the journal to say no I am not and they said they know I am not, at worst its a little overlap overpayment but I would get a letter about that...so I don't know what the hell causes it but helpline and uc account say different things.....as long as they pay the rent element, which am sure will get done, if not its another phone call, its been back and forth way too much. My daughter now speaks with landlord and council and now UC with me sitting with her and giving permission. Thank goodness I am medicated.
  10. Wow am I glad I have a great landlord....UC messing about with housing element now, I actually cant cope with them anymore, thankfully my daughter is taking the reigns, it comes to something when the benefit claim makes you even more ill than you were anyway. The so called helpline says one thing, journal messages say the opposite. I swear its enough to send anyone over the top. My landlord is great and very well aware of the UC and how they seem to change things and move the goal posts. I feel blessed with this landlord they cant help enough and the support is brilliant. I really feel for those claimants who don't have that.
  11. Am so relieved now I can settle in to my new home and my fresh start.
  12. Out of curiosity we dug out my last esa support group decision after assessment. The lady doing it was a disability assessor, she didn't bother much with the bipolar or fibromyalgia as such, she saw the state and pain I was in, noted that there is muscle wastage in both arms and that I could not use a manual wheelchair, and therefore passed the disability element of esa. Then she sneaked on the other page..."could" be considered for work within 18 months....so I was probably going to be hauled in again anyway on esa, so nothing lost....and it is only could and might...we shall see.
  13. Massive thank you's to tomtom256 and unclebulgaria67. I was on the phone to the helpline bang on 8.00. It turns out that the lady I spoke to yesterday who was adamant I had to have a wca as my claim was new, was actually my case manager....she wasn't there this morning so I got one of her team, who also tried the same tactics, I asked then for who would deal with formal complaints as my claim is switch over not a new claim, and I know I am entitled to the limited work and work related activity and I cant be due for reassessment yet. She went off for a couple of minutes and came back saying yes I was right...so I have all my entitlements now on my claim and a message in my journal from her confirming if any form arrives to just ignore it. She said I might get a form in December as there is a note of 9 months to be assessed. For now though its all sorted. My new GP seems to be on the case and is educated on Fibromyalgia and Bipolar so as well as my other illnesses he understands how hard it can be just to try and function at all some days/weeks/months.
  14. Hi Unclebulgaria67, that's a better idea actually, I will ring them first thing this morning, I believe the lines open at 8.am so I can ask who my case manager is and how to speak with them asap. Thanks again.
  15. So even with the bonkers amount of meds I have, including sleeping meds I am wide awake stressing and anxious at 3.20am....I will get hold of that bloody case manager if it kills me. I hope someone answers me on that damn journal tomorrow. If not I will be on that helpline again and asking for a case manager.
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