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  1. Am so relieved now I can settle in to my new home and my fresh start.
  2. Out of curiosity we dug out my last esa support group decision after assessment. The lady doing it was a disability assessor, she didn't bother much with the bipolar or fibromyalgia as such, she saw the state and pain I was in, noted that there is muscle wastage in both arms and that I could not use a manual wheelchair, and therefore passed the disability element of esa. Then she sneaked on the other page..."could" be considered for work within 18 months....so I was probably going to be hauled in again anyway on esa, so nothing lost....and it is only could and might...we shall see.
  3. Massive thank you's to tomtom256 and unclebulgaria67. I was on the phone to the helpline bang on 8.00. It turns out that the lady I spoke to yesterday who was adamant I had to have a wca as my claim was new, was actually my case manager....she wasn't there this morning so I got one of her team, who also tried the same tactics, I asked then for who would deal with formal complaints as my claim is switch over not a new claim, and I know I am entitled to the limited work and work related activity and I cant be due for reassessment yet. She went off for a couple of minutes and came back saying yes I was right...so I have all my entitlements now on my claim and a message in my journal from her confirming if any form arrives to just ignore it. She said I might get a form in December as there is a note of 9 months to be assessed. For now though its all sorted. My new GP seems to be on the case and is educated on Fibromyalgia and Bipolar so as well as my other illnesses he understands how hard it can be just to try and function at all some days/weeks/months.
  4. Hi Unclebulgaria67, that's a better idea actually, I will ring them first thing this morning, I believe the lines open at 8.am so I can ask who my case manager is and how to speak with them asap. Thanks again.
  5. So even with the bonkers amount of meds I have, including sleeping meds I am wide awake stressing and anxious at 3.20am....I will get hold of that bloody case manager if it kills me. I hope someone answers me on that damn journal tomorrow. If not I will be on that helpline again and asking for a case manager.
  6. Thank you tomtom256 my daughter has queried it on the journal and asked who we need to speak to about it. Hopefully we will get it sorted asap. how do i find out who my case manager is? or is that the work coach? A message to the right one could swing it hopefully.
  7. we have put a message in the journal about it...will see what comes back.
  8. So again …. we rang the uc help line...my support group status is on and I don't need any appointments with jobcentre. So when the questionnaire arrives I guess I still have to send it off? even though the agent on the phone said its just a triggered thing for a new claim....but if I don't need one I wont have one? am guessing that's the medical assessment bit?. my last one was may 2018 and put back in support group june 2018.
  9. So....now they are sending me a questionare about my illness and how they affect me with a possible medical assessment....even though the guy I saw last week said they wouldn't. It beggars belief. My daughter is typing this for me as she almost always does on here.
  10. On my to do list was only to accept the commitments which turned out to be to just check it every day and if I cant get online to ring the freephone number, now the to do list is empty. My daughter sent a message via the journal re the support group status and we have all the helpful comments made here written down for the first commitments meeting.
  11. The thing now is, I will do the commitments thing and the appointment, but it says on there to come up with ideas for work….can I put my limited capability for work and work related activity there, or leave it blank? I don't know if its a tick box thing or a space to type in, I have no idea what its set up like.
  12. I am also still within the wca time as I only got assessed a few months ago and the jobcentre guy doing the id appt said that too. I feel ill with it/all this, on top of my other health problems. I am not a natural migration claimant, this was triggered due to a home move.
  13. they basically made me get a fit note and said the longer the better as I wouldn't then have to keep going back while they sorted it out. my new gp put the long term illnesses down and stated I am not fit to work. we have put all the suggestions here in the journal to the work coach. my next haul in for questioning is about a week away.
  14. Thank you again unclebulgaria67, with my mind in a muddle naturally, this is all so complicated for me to get, my daughter is good but the workings of all this is beyond us. What you have said as usual makes perfect sense, notes taken for the reminder board in my kitchen.
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