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  1. Hi unclebulgaria67, yes this is a review, she doesn't really see the GP much as such, its only med reviews and if she is unwell apart from the diagnosed illnesses, she sees nurses for the diabetes checks etc, there is nothing new they can offer her so its a matter of managing and getting through the best she can, which is where I come in as her carer. She had 12 months cbt for bipolar back in 2009, there are no new things added to cbt so there is nothing they can teach her there, her fibromyalgia is treated with pain relief, there is no nhs physical treatment as only a specialised massage is thought to help but the relief is short lived so the nhs don't provide it (understandably) there is no cure for the condition and we have tried everything. I will just do my usual best and be there for any assessment which I will request is recorded and hope for the best. Thank you for replying.
  2. Hi so I log in for mum every day to the online uc account and check it all including the journal. They used the journal to show a letter re a new uc50 on way, the entry was a few days before the form arrived, so she had a warning and not just the form fetching up on the mat. I have or she does, 4 weeks to complete and return it, I am going to do a bit each day with her, write most of it for her probably, I have sectioned it out to do in parts for that reason. I have no idea how she would now do this without help, not many questions on it either, so I or we have more answers to less questions if that makes sense, I am studying it and will get all the necessary things down on the how it all affects her daily, I feel for anyone who has to do this on their own, with backlog of appointments with advisors etc. It will probably take even me best part of 3 weeks to do it with her. But the uc letter in journal did give me advance warning to prepare her for its arrival.
  3. Just to update unclebulgaria67, I sat with mum this morning and managed to get through to the dwp debt management office, spoke to a lovely lady who was so helpful. She is going to wait for the payment to be sent to them via UC, which is at the same time as mums payment is released, so she expects it to go through during the night of mums pay date, then she will refund to mums bank any overpayment. She is going to try and get it changed before mums pay date but its only a few days away and she can't say for definite, its not really a problem as it will only take a few hours any way. They were baffled why the last payment was higher, as that wasn't what they had on their info, they had the same as we did, bit of a mystery, but at least its going to be made right.
  4. Thank you unclebulgaria I will sit with her tomorrow until we get through.
  5. I may not have explained this clearly...the overlap of esa and uc was paid in the first uc payment, that was £199. This is the payment that the debt management team couldn't see on their system, but its shown as paid on mums statement. A separate outstanding amount of £288 was for an esa budget loan, mum spoke with the dwp debt management team when they wrote to her, they agreed £30 per month, mum paid a total of £120 over may june and july and august the 6 month period ended in October, so to make sure, we rang them to see what they would be taking, it was agreed then that they could take £56 in sept oct and nov. …. sept and oct were fine but this months payment is showing £66.13, which was the original amount they were going to take until we rang and got it reduced to £30. Mum just thought pay three at £56 and that will be finished. just seems odd the amount, I was of the impression the last 3 payments were set up automatically so why the last one is different jusr doesn't add up.
  6. Hi everyone, I am here doing this for my mum as we are baffled. There was a crossover from esa to uc when we moved home, the esa wasn't cancelled until after the uc was in process. The over payment of esa was taken from the first uc payment. That was fine. The advance uc payment is coming off monthly, fine. There was a esa budget loan remaining and it was arranged with debt management over the phone to pay an agreed amount monthly, fine. In September mum had a letter as her 6 month agreement was nearing its end and they wanted to speak with her about the balance, I sat with her while she was on the phone with loudspeaker and we asked them to take the last £168 in 3 payments sept/oct/nov. Fine. We have just seen her November payment on uc and its for £10 extra to the £168. No letters have arrived. It just seems odd. There should be no more payments now for that but whats worrying her is the esa overpayment was taken in her first uc, and it shows on her statement but the debt management couldn't see it before and thought uc maybe hadn't sent it over. Dread ringing any of them tbh. Is it usual for the overpayments not to be sent over to esa?
  7. Hi....I cant be definite in your case, but this happened to me a while back, and it turned out that there was no assessment and the assessor had returned my file to the dwp, the result was I stayed in my benefit and no assessment. I am pretty sure they cant find you fit to work without an assessment, as that's what its all about......so hopefully you will hear good news soon. I really hope so. Good luck.
  8. I hope it goes well for you. Hopefully your doctor's input will do the trick.
  9. It varies, at a guess i'd say anything between 3-6 weeks for me over the time, but I don't think there is any actual set waiting time.
  10. I always take someone with me, they take notes, and speak for me when I am having difficulty explaining things. The assessment was done in the same building Atos used, but not by Atos. The result for me this time was being placed back in the esa support group, my physical ailments were mainly given as to the reason why. I strongly believe having someone with me, and good advisors (here in CAG) has been a great help. They said work "could be considered within 18 months" at the end of the report, I felt like it was the weakest attempt they could make to please the dwp. Since then my benefit has changed to UC and I have been told I "may" have another wca at the end of the 18 months. If this happens I will take someone again and follow through in the same way. I think they still do recorded assessments, I couldn't have one last time as they said I had to be there for 8.00 am and be prepared to wait a couple of hours or so in a queue, they knew full well my daughter has a son in school with health problems and couldn't have come with me, so I had to have one without recording.... when we got there at 9 ish I think it was, the waiting room was empty, so this queue wasn't there then. If time scales aren't an issue I would go for a recorded assessment at least.
  11. Just to update, you as usual were spot on Unclebulgaria....i will get the increase in the June payment. UC advised me via journal eventually lol...not moaning about that as i can only guess how many claimaints messages they get. I hate using the phone, i forget whats been said and end up no better off.
  12. Thank you unclebulgaria. I didn't explain right, my assessment phase was from 5th march, my first payment was 11th April, this May payment is my 2nd payment of UC, but looking at the dates you point me to it will sort itself out on the system.
  13. yes brassnecked it seems a mishmash, the basic rate and the work related groups have been frozen but the lcwra hasn't been frozen, maybe the computer said no lol...
  14. Thanks Andyorch….was wondering as its not on the may payment which went from 5/4 to 4/5.
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