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  1. Hi, I've not had any correspondence from them in ages its all be done over the phone! I might have a letter showing the balance owed dating a month or 2 back would that be ok?
  2. Thank you so much to everyone for the responses you have helped put my mind at rest. x
  3. Thanks very much thats a great reply! Think I might do that! Hoever I live in Scotland are the laws the same?? I'm never sure!
  4. Thanks very much for the quick replies! Its just they seemed so convincing! I owe them alot of money and haven't had any court proceedings or anything yet! They said today that if I didn't provide them with my payroll dept number they were going to do an investigation to find out my number! They also told me not to pay another creditor and pay them instead surely thats not right! I'm feeling really stressed out about it all!
  5. Hi there, I'm new to the forum but have used it on many occasions for financial help! The problem is I've had a lot of trouble financially which resulted in my house being reposessed. I had a secured loan with Welcome finance against the property too. After the repossesion there was a shortfall with the mortgage company and Welcome, I tried to make arrangements to pay people back but it all became to much of a strain. I am looking into an IVA but Welcome are giving me a lot of grief! They are constantly phoning my house, mobile and work despite me asking them not to. They have been to my door on several occasions too. I have told them I have no money because if I did I would pay them something and that I am trying to get an IVA organised however they told me that they are going to arrest my wages and take up to 44% from me. Can they do that? I thought you would have had to go to court etc before all that happened. Now I don't have the property the loan is no longer secured and as there wasn't enough from the repossesion to pay back the mortgage company or the loan I have both of them chasing me! I really am in abit of a mess and can't seem to see a way out. Welcome are really pressuring me to make a payment that I don't have and I really don't want my wages to be arrested either! I'm starting to freak out thinking they could do that any day now! I am hoping to get my IVA up and running in the next month. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:confused:
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