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  1. can someone post a link to where the minimum amounts to live on are? I have searched through various government websites and can't find anything
  2. I know that one of the HCI schemes has gone into administration- I don't know how that is going to affect people and their computers though or if they can request them back as they haven't paid the full amount for them......
  3. I am a bit confused about a couple of things after reading through the FAQs- 1: How can the bank refund my court charges if they aren't liable for them due to being in the small claims court? Surely that means that if I lost then I would be responsible for their court costs? 2: Can I claim for the interest added on top of the fees- e.g. I have three interests added in one month at around the same time as the charges- can I claim these? And if it doesn't go to court why can't I claim the 8% interest? thank you- just trying to understand as much as possible
  4. thank you I will send it by post as our local branch is quite a distance from us and the post office is nearer
  5. also who do we make the £10 DPA cheque out to? so basically: 1: where do we send the DPA request and then fees request letters to and 2: who do we make the cheque out to? thank you for your time
  6. another question, lol - with Natwest what is the address to send the DPA letter and request for refunds to? is it my local branch? I have had a good browse and can't find anything actually saying where to send letters off to..
  7. well, here is an immediate update- I can view my statements for Natwest online from the 1st Jan and we have worked out that they have charged us £633 up to the 31st May!!! and then they have added £141 in interest on top of that, although I don't think we can claim that, but obviously we will be trying to claim the 8% APR which would bring the £633 up by approximately £10.50 so at least its something. All I can say is if that is just for the last 5 months then I hate to think how much they have charged us over the last 6 years!!
  8. thanks for the information- thats a lot better than I thought I will be sending a letter off to Natwest on Monday asking for our statements so I can work out how much they have charged us over the years- I really hope we are successful as this could bring some much needed freedom from them and a step towards being debt free! I am going to try as much as I can to correspond with them only in writing it might take longer but at least I have proof of everything then!
  9. thank you- I do have a 20p saving box- saved £3 so far from the past 2 months! One thing- I am a bit confused about which charges I can claim back- I have a had a look around the site but briefly- is it all charges such as overlimit fees, bounced direct debit fees, general overdraft charges and the interest resulting from these as basically with that example I gave earlier of a rejected £10 direct debit costing us £150- would we be able to claim that all back? as that was obviously a multitude of charges slapped on one refused direct debit
  10. it might be it depends on my parents and whether they can afford to help us or not- they have had some big bills recently themselves, but then I suppose that we wouldn't have to find the money for a couple of months at least while we get statements and send letters and wait for responses, etc which judging by how slow Natwest have been with our DMP we could be waiting a while...
  11. thanks for the advice- we have already got another current account with Lloyds TSB due to the debt management plan as obviously what with the overdraft, charges, etc it was just swallowing our income and we were struggling to pay anything. I am not sure if the charges would be enough to cover the whole overdraft, but I imagine they could be up to 2/3rds of it judging by how much they have charged us recently. The other thing that concerns us are the small claims court fees- which we can't afford in the first place as obviously its a lot to find when you don't have it.
  12. we currently have a large overdraft which is over limit with Natwest, which in part is largely due to the charges they have placed on our account over the years. We can't afford to pay the overdraft back all at once but we wish to get some of these charges back - in one case we were charged almost £150 for a £10 refused direct debit! We are worried that if we try to claim our charge back they will call our overdraft in, which we cannot afford to do as we are on a debt management plan at the moment due to me suddenly becoming unemployed- we want to pay our overdraft off with the refunded
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