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  1. Thank you both of you,i really do appreciate the fantastic help which i have recieved,may i ask is it acceptable to send an attached templated version of the P.o.c or do i have to handwrite all of it?
  2. Good evening everybody i really need help with the 8% interest can you please inform me what to do my total charges calculate to £830.00 with the interest before court action making the total £948.97,am i supposed to multiply £830.00 x 0.00022 = 0.1826........and also does the interest start from the 1st charge, if yes then this for me is 11/08/2005 which makes 1411 days from then until i hand it in next friday,do i then multiply 0.1826 x 1411.....I really would like so advice help etc,i havent found one spreadsheet which helps me......Any help would be appreciated thank you
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