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  1. Hi, What is your situation, are you married, kids etc? What other debts do you have, My guess is northern rock are going for the decree so they can put a charging order on your house, house prices can only improve over the next few years. You need to seek professional advice ASAP, it sounds as if you have a few more creditors out there, the time to pay order will be rejected, it buys you some time though to get advice, You will have to appear in person at your local sherriff court, 9 times out of 10 the sherriff will grant in your favour, if you have all the evidence and paperwork to show you can only pay £30. The ball is still in your court, they have rattled you with this landing on your doorstep, your.ve not ignored it and want to fight, knowledge is power in this game, please get onto cccs, money matters, citizens advice to begin with, most of all don,t worry! you will get it sorted!
  2. Lloyds may close the account upon you becoming br, do not give them any info about going br, if it is a basic account it is more than likely to remain open, do not open any account if you are going br as they in theory should are be closed.
  3. Speaking from experience, most mobile providers will sell the debt on to debt collection agencys, if the debt is under £750 and they are,nt getting a response, it will be passed around from pillar to post, I would not worry about it at all.
  4. Hi Contact the solicitor in writing making offer of payment to them, they will normally accept, they have the charge for payment in place now so if you were to default on the new payment arrangment they can arrest your bank account or arrest your wages, if not do not disclose this to them I would do this straight away before the 14 day window passes. If you need anymore help...just ask
  5. How long does it take for br to appear on credit file?, is it done right away or does this take serveral months to show?
  6. account seems to be ok, Im glad as I cannot get a bank account to save myself....It has been a month since br, I take it Lloyds would have closed account by now, has anyone had account closed after a month into br?
  7. Did you end up closing the account with Lloyds, is it worth calling customer service without mentioning br and asking if I have full use of account, Im having trouble opening another bank account, the nearest branch of barcleys is 40 miles away and I had a co op account before br so the the 2 banks that offer undischarges an account are pretty much off the radar for me, any other banks I could apply to, I d rather start afresh than have the tsb in the back of my mind...
  8. Hi there, I made myself bankrupt mid sept through lila scheme, I have had all the paperwork through, had to inform AIB of my bank account details and the balance (£1.40!), AIB sent a letter to me saying they have no interest in my lloyds tsb basic account, I have not used since then as I am using my post office account to get my benefit paid into at present, I can log onto my account online and view details ok, Do I have to inform Lloyds that I am bankrupt now?, if I do what is the likelehood that they will close the account, I am worried that I will be able to use the account then 2 months down the line it gets frozen, is it better not to say anything to Lloyds as it looks like AIB will not contact them? Thank you for any input you may be able to give
  9. Hi, What is your housing situation? are you a homeowner? if so you could look at a trust deed this may be the best course of action, 8% interest is standard after a decree has been granted, did the sols ever serve you with a charge for payment?
  10. Hello, Am I right in saying you are not a homeowner, there are a couple of options which help you out this situation, a trust deed may be an option for you or bankruptcy............I could see the creditors you owe dragging there heels with a trust deed, if you take advice and go with br, Im guessing you won,t qualify for low income low asset br due to your income, you would have to wait until a creditor took legal advise and pursued you through the courts so if your thinking of br, own no property, have no valueable assets, and it won,t affect employment, I would consider stop paying all these creditors right away, only pay essentials, rent,council tax, all essentails and play the waiting game, if you have more going out than coming in, you,ll need to take this step now instead of struggling, most of these companies you have mentioned are just legalised loan sharks preying on the folk who cannot afford to pay them in the first place.....once again though, please take proper advice, we can only guide you and offer views....
  11. Hello, Thought Id be a helpful debtor by informing the sheriff court of my br, on friday I sent a letter in informing them of all the details and I got an email back claiming if I don not appear in court or be represented an open decree will be granted with costs?, Considering that I live 32 miles from the court it is being heard, when I have a local court 5 miles away, it would cost a fortune to do so!, I have sent an email back to the sheriff clerk of the court asking for the case to be moved to the nearest court My br will not be processed until next monday as it was only put in on friday, Does this mean I would end up having to pay the charges awarded at the time to pay hearing or would my bankruptcy cover this? If it does,nt can I contact aib and ask them to return my application so that I can wait for court charges award to be charged to me then I can declare br? Thanks to anyone that can provide advice.
  12. send them the statued barred letter from this site, have a look under search from more details.
  13. Hello, Finally got round to filling in the br forms and all the info, also had a wee chat with cccs just so I can also say I received advice from proffessional agency!, I should have it sent away for this friday 4th, thing is my hearing for amex is on weds 9th, is my duty to inform the court and bto sols that I have made myself br or can I just let them grant a decree on that date and let them wait for the paperwork from Accountant in br, I may be wrong the way I look at it is that they have not done there homework before the hearing and should be shown up for this....would it be better to drop them a telephone call on friday and get a letter sent to them to advise? does it really matter if a decree is granted in my absence and I am offically br> Thanks for any advice given!
  14. Hello, have you been served with a charge for payment for Clydesdale Bank £6,500 (Overdraft) by the sterling park...?
  15. Hello, When the charge for payment 14 days runs out you can then send out your br pack to Accountant in BR with a copy of the charge, please seek some advice on this though, remember if you have any money in bank accounts this will be frozen, you could write to your bank now and ask if you can keep the account open. At the end of the day you have everything going for you regards assets etc, you have nothing to lose....
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