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  1. Hi Ploddertom Having spoken with the council, the CT goes back to FY 2002/2003 (which is when we left) & the LO was raised on Nov 14th 2002. The value for the LO is as per the bailiff's notice of £650.08, with a remaining balance of £389.58 - it also seems that R&R are paying my instalments timely. The initial enforcement went out in 2003, but was returned & the council says that it sent a 14 day letter out in May last year but had no response. I never received it, but we are where we are. So effectively the bailiffs had the enforcement notice for around 11
  2. Thanks ploddertom, I'm going to pull those together & get those off in the morning & will keep you updated as to the progress. Thanks all for your help thus far!!
  3. Hi there Thanks for the advice - the TV is a 2006 Sony 40", so definitely not top of the range! What process would I need to look at in order to challenge the levy? Also would that render their charges void too? Thanks again
  4. Hi there If the settees were removed, we'd all be sat on the floor. In terms of the IPad, that's mine; however the PS3 & laptop are my daughters But yep, definitely see the nickname now!! Could I challenge this levy based on this? Cheers
  5. Hi again Sorry, just to clarify the bailiff didn't actually levy any of my sons goods; however due to the fact that she stated that she'll take whatever needs to cover the costs of the debt including the TV in the living room & the Ipad my son was playing on (which was mine) The levy order (Form 7 notice of seizure & inventory of goods) was completed on the date the incident occurred, 18th April 2013. The breakdown was for: £650.08 for the CT, £233.50 for the bailiffs costs (although there is no breakdown) Total: £883.58 In order to have a payment plan
  6. Thanks guys for taking the time to read my thread & reply. Initially when the bailiff called, she was very low key at the door;explaining that it was a personal matter & would be best dealt with indoors. My wife didn't know that by allowing entry would open this can of worms. In terms of the debt itself, it was one that was from another council in an area we lived over 10 years ago. In all honesty we couldn't remember it, & we didn't receive any letters from the council to this address. If its owed, its owed & the matter of paying it stands; my issue sits with t
  7. Morning all I have been reviewing some of the threads on here & having experienced an awful time with R&R; I have long since felt that I have grounds for complaint. I hope by sharing this experience I can get some direction as to where I can take this & what to expect to encounter on the way. The story is a little convoluted, so please bear with me. In April this year my wife (registered disabled) & disabled son were visited by an R&R bailiff whilst I was absent, the visit was very traumatic & upsetting for my wife & youngest son; & becau
  8. Hi all I don't know if you can help on this one...I've just gone online to my new Experian credit report, & found that I have defaults registered against me from Hillesden Securities. As it transpires they have purchased a debt & have not contacted me about it, although they have defaulted me on numerous occasions - last was on the 7th June. How can I get at them for knowing about me, & then defaulting me without my knowledge? Thanks all.
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