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  1. i am not sure of charges but i have never had a credit card with a limit of more then £500 other then a halifax credit card which hs been delt with so i am presuming that there must have been some charges on the account previously
  2. hi i am not aware of any charges on the account as i am unsure to who owns the origional debt
  3. hi thanks for doing this for me, the last time a payment would have been made would have been at the latest in 07 as when they called me they told me the address it was origionally registered at and since then i have lives in spain ect ! the letter says they pursuers are arrow global ltd, origional creditor RBS so i am prusuming its done the rounds although this is the 1st letter recieved from any of them. i recieved the letter today 25th july and it says they want payment by the 28th
  4. i recieved a letter from mackenzi hall regarding a RBS creit card telling me i have a outstanding balance of £601 i am unsure of which brand this credit card is only thing i am aware of from a phone conversation is thats its from back in 2005 ! can i still request the origional credit agreement? does it still work in the same way as previoulsy ? many thanks
  5. i recieved a letter today from mackenzie hall regarding a RBS credit card i am unsure of what brand name the card is under but from a phone call i recieved from them i am aware its from 2005 am i still able to request the origional credit agreement ? and does it work the same way as previously ? thanks
  6. im having trouble finding how to start a new thred as it seems the site has changed ! can anyone help meeeee lol
  7. The captal 1 letter reads : we refer to your recent request for a copy of the original credit agreement for this account. After liaising with capital one in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that is it no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened with you. At this time we have closed our file and will not make any further contact with you concerning payment against this account unless the copy of the agreement is recieved at some point in the future from capital one, if you have a queries regarding the above please contact
  8. i tried the letter to the previous posted link and capital 1 have replyed and closed the account so that almost 900 wiped for now but i still have had no response from halifax to any of my letters ! what should i do now or should i take it that they have given up ? the address they have is a c/o address and my mum moves out of it on fri so will i need to give them a new address?
  9. hi thanks for the replys i am going to tey that letter with both of the companys sliverfox much apriciated x
  10. 1sun1shine

    Capital One

    Can any one please help me, i have been fighting this for ages and i am sure they have not supplied me with the right information as requested by the credit consumer act. I have sent a letter (n) to this company and this is what i have got back, please help: Following you recent request to be provided with a copy of the original credit agreement in respect of the Consumer Credit Act i can confirm out client Capital One has requested that your credit agreement be retrieved from archive. Once you agreement is retrieved you will be required to repay the outstanding balance in fu
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