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  1. I recently had exactly the same problem with OnTheBeach's website - went through the selection process for flights, accom, payment etc then at the last minute opened a new tab to check another suggested hotel. Dismissed it as an option - went back to original tab and confirmed payment. Guess which one got booked........ The original tab, howver, does not allow you to go back and check the info you submitted, so there is no way to know you've done this until you get the confirmation, by which time its too late. I learnt a most valuable and expensive lesson, cost me £200 in Ryan
  2. Hi I havent posted for a while, still watching with interest though. Are you able to comment on bank completed paperwork if its sent to you? Cheers G.
  3. Plenty here..... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?207948-Barclays-Capital-Rate-swaps.&p=3266529#post3266529 G.
  4. Thanks for that. Employer clearly in wrong. Transpires that last year, the monies owed were only paid after an Employment Tribunal ordered it! HMRC say no NI paid since April, they are going to look into it. Suggested that an enquiry be made to see if this can be dealt with as a continuing part of the original ET decision, or whether a new claim has to start. Alternative employment hopefully on horizon, this being the only real answer to woeking for such a company! Thanks for your help folks, now back to Barclays Rate Swap complaints...... G.
  5. Sounds like a wise choice, who really needs all the c**p if you don't have to! G.
  6. Thanks. Will ask about the P60 Is there a link to info on the unlawful deduction topic, not something I know about yet. Cheers G.
  7. Hello all, I have a relative who is being messed around by an unhelpful employer. Situation thus: Last year, the employer ceased paying some of the staff, on the basis that the company couldnt afford it. This dragged on for many months, staff not required to work, but not made redundant. A fair amount of money was owed to my relative for work already done, so they took the decision to stick with the company rather than seek new employment and resign. Earlier this year, wages started to be paid again, and most of the moneys owed were finally paid, but not all.
  8. On the facts given, cant see that you've got any hope of constructive dismissal - they've given you a verbal warning for swearing, which they are entitled to do, even if its not written down as a policy. Retract your notice by telling them it was a rash spur of the moment decision and keep your head down for a few weeks, we're in a recession and jobs aren't easy to find, hurt pride is one thing, hurt pride and no job/money is completely different. Good luck. G.
  9. I am aware of several folks who have reached the point of instructing solicitors, and many who have found the fos of no value whatsoever in these complaints, including myself. I am not aware of a single person who has had any redress from any financial institution selling these products, but I would be interested to be told otherwise! Please feel free to pm me if you have had any success - I am aware that where the banks (not a specific one) have come to commercial agreements ie turning the breakage payment into a loan at more attractive margins, there has been a 'no bad publici
  10. At present all my paperwork is with the FOS still...... My suggestion would be that, given the figures, you make contact with a solicitor competent in these derivatives, at the very least you should get an initial appraisal free of charge - there are two I have spoken to who seem competent, they should spot any flaws. I'm assuming that your turnover/net book value are both over £1m., so the FOS doesnt apply. If you wish I can pm you some contact details, although dont agree to anyone charging for an initial appraisal. Pete
  11. Hi, The FOS criteria is turnover less than £1m, anything above that will result in the bank disputing the FOS right to investigate - after which the FOS will not get involved (its one of the off-shoots of the banks winning their unfair charges claims with the supreme court). I will also add that recently partnerships including limited companies, with a turnover in excess of £1m, but with 2 or more partners, have also been turned down by the FOS - they do not allow the turnover to be divided up in order to qualify as less than £1m. Barnsley..... Your only option will be to c
  12. Hi all, leeby - of course they are 'authorised' under Section 21, it states that only Authorised persons can sell the product. This is nothing to do with Article 19 per se, which covers who they can sell TO. An easy example - a landlord has to hold a personal license to sell alcohol to customers, yet the law says they cannot sell to under 18's. Its no defence to say ' I am licensed, therefore I have done no wrong.' The confirmation they refer to....was this received AFTER the call authorising the swap, if so its a bit late for a disclaimer, it sounds like something that
  13. You can ask them for paperwork, in particular: A copy of your Mandate Instruction 9shows who can sign for the company). A copy of the Agreement for Private Clients relating to derivative trades. (Thi must be signed in accordance with your mandate.) A copy of Schedule 1 to the above Agreement, this is called a warrants & Derivatives Warning Notice, and must be signed by each party to the trade (as opposed to the Mandate, which can be sole signatory). You also need to check that their presentation with attached disclaimers was sent to you prior to the transaction taking p
  14. No, they wont send you anything under the data protection act as it only relates to living persons. What date was the rate swap executed?
  15. I am currently awaiting direction from the FOS - as soon as this is back I will try to offer whatever advice I can. In the meantime.... If you are a sole trader/partnership then submit a data protection act request for all data the bank holds on you (for all your accounts with them). This will take a few weeks, hopefully we will have had a response by then! Cheers
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