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  1. I got you....very clever idea Thanks..I will do it everyday now.. Cheers guys
  2. Thanks so much for all your inputs. I will try the sellotape intruder detection method although I am not 100% sure as to how you do it. How will you know if it were someone else that caused the tape to unstick or the fact that you have just entered. I'm sorry, maybe i'm misunderstanding this here. A little elaboration maybe.... Thanks again guys, i'm glad that i've got some advice.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your advice. I made a new thread because so far no one in the other thread has confidently advised me on the address issue. I'm sorry if that causes a problem, I just thought it would attract more relevant advice from all the helpful members of this forum. Cheers
  4. This is the situation My aunt moved to the UK about 2 years ago and originally stayed at my place for 3 weeks until she found a place across the road from where I live. She was having difficulty getting any proof of address so I let her put the utility bills in her name and then she used that to get bank accounts etc. Because she only lives 2 minutes from me ( U can see her house-(a shared house)from my house) We never bothered to change her address. Now the landlord has seen her at my house a few times and has probably been nosy enough to notice her mail comes to this add
  5. Thanks Martin Like you said ,the agreement does not state a maximum number or residents but it does say 2 adults. I'm not too concerned about that, I'm more interested in whether or not the fact my aunt receives mail at my address. Is that proof that she lives there or not? Is that illegal in anyway seeing as she only lives across the road
  6. Hi there I would be very grateful if you could shed some light on this issue. I rent a 2 bedroom house from my landlord, originally through an estate agent .The estate agent was apparently only used to find a tenant and the landlord himself is responsible for managing the property i.e. maintenance and repairs. I live there with my wife and infant daughter. Since we moved into the house, there have been many problems that we failed to discover when viewing the property such as plumbing issues and poor windows and heating issues. Originally I contacted the estate agent about
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