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  1. Yes I have been there a long time ago and I have paid off debts from years ago, this is something from less than 4 years ago which I couldn’t pay when I lost my employment.
  2. Yeah I imagined it would be enforceable but wondered if they actually had it. When this all started I did pay Santander a nominal payment for a few months but the amounts were sent back to my account and I have this on a letter from my building society. They just would not engage in to any kind of negotiation and I have copies of letters I sent about the returned payments but they outsourced the collection. How would you suggest I proceed now at this point please. For information I have been made redundant during Covid about 6 weeks ago so if I was to off
  3. Hi, it was 3.5 years ago and stopped as I dropped out of work. I managed to do pro rata payments with other creditors except these. It was done online and forms sent in the post. Owing approx £4000.
  4. Their stated client is Santander and they go on to say that they have been instructed by their client to recover the outstanding amount or to take appropriate action. In their recent reply referring me to their customer portal, they also included an income expenditure form for completion.
  5. This is a Santander loan, non payment has been just over 2 years now as I was unable to reach a payment agreement with them, they kept refusing my offered amount. It has been passed elsewhere meanwhile for collection and now it has landed with DrydenFairfax. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have an outstanding debt currently with DrydenFairfax solicitors. I requested a copy of the CCA and they have replied saying they are unable to send the hard copy due to COVID, but I can register on their customer portal to view the information. I do not want to do this as they will then have my email etc, Are they obliged to send the hard copy and can I dispute this online route? Many Thanks
  7. Thanks for the advice. I cannot do the PDF right now. Is it worth me doing a SAR at the moment? Thanks
  8. Hi, hope someone can offer me a bit of advice. I have been making reduced payments to a few creditors for just over 2 years now, with those payments up to date. A few weeks ago I received a couple of letters from JohnLewis (HFC) requesting a review on my account. I wrote back advising that I was paying the most I could afford and that my circumstances are the same. The next letter from them requested an income / expenditure form, so I did this. I then received a letter saying that if I did not contact them then they would raiseba DN and charge for it. I assumed that this may have c
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply. Page 2 was just another line of personal info so I didn't bother attaching. No sig box or terms and conditions etc.... Again, thanks.
  10. Hi, just wondering if anyone else thinks this is an enforceable agreement (online) ...... seems like application form to me??
  11. OK, so I will send an AID letter to Capquest and see what happens? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I never speak to any of them over the phone. Already CCAd C1 months ago and only got application form back so are you saying to request CCA again from Capquest?? Thanks.
  13. That sounds promising, I will see if anyone else can add anything. Thanks again.
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