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  1. Thanks for the advice. I cannot do the PDF right now. Is it worth me doing a SAR at the moment? Thanks
  2. Hi, hope someone can offer me a bit of advice. I have been making reduced payments to a few creditors for just over 2 years now, with those payments up to date. A few weeks ago I received a couple of letters from JohnLewis (HFC) requesting a review on my account. I wrote back advising that I was paying the most I could afford and that my circumstances are the same. The next letter from them requested an income / expenditure form, so I did this. I then received a letter saying that if I did not contact them then they would raiseba DN and charge for it. I assumed that this may have c
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. Page 2 was just another line of personal info so I didn't bother attaching. No sig box or terms and conditions etc.... Again, thanks.
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone else thinks this is an enforceable agreement (online) ...... seems like application form to me??
  5. OK, so I will send an AID letter to Capquest and see what happens? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I never speak to any of them over the phone. Already CCAd C1 months ago and only got application form back so are you saying to request CCA again from Capquest?? Thanks.
  7. That sounds promising, I will see if anyone else can add anything. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, can't help much other than to say that I am in same boat with C1 ..... they offered me a short or long term repayment plan in writing and when I wrote back with an answer, they refused as I had not signed properly, even though they replied to my first letter signed in the same way. Just their little game .... I have now been passed to Capquest (I've already been to Debitas and P2C). Here we go again.
  9. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help any further with this please. Obviously the image above is what I received from Amex and I continued to pay them a pro rata pymnt each month and am still doing that. They refused to accept pymnt and I started to receive letters from AIC who also never accepted my payment, although I never heard too much more from them. I have now received a letter from Newman asking for contact. The following day I received another letter from them saying that as I had refused to contact them (overnight!) they are prepared to allow me to clear the debt over the next 3 mo
  10. Hi, although I have not received anything from P2C or Credit Solutions for a few weeks, I have now received a letter from Barclaycard in response to my letter of complaint also advising them that I had reported them - their response is that they are in the right to keep chasing me and will ask P2C to come back on the scene! Unbelieveable when they cannot provide an agreement from approx 15 years ago and up until now I have always paid them. Anything else I can do or just sit and wait?? Thanks.
  11. Hi, received a few more letters from C1 and finally stating that I still need to pay up etc etc which I have ignored. Letter received now from Capquest advising that they have the debt and I need to clear in full! Shall I ignore this for a while or send a bemused letter??? Thanks.
  12. Hi, unfortunately their cards are not always threats as I did have an attempted visit from someone at P2C a few weeks ago for another account. I am more than happy for you to PM me but have you had any progress yourself by actually reprting them?
  13. UPDATE: I have now received another letter from Credit Solutions asking me to send them more details of my dispute and asking for confirmation as to whether or not I have sent £1 to OC for my CCA. (Obviously I have and they sent me a terms and conditions leaflet), but all I have ever sent DCA is the bemused letter and then a letter advising them that I have reported them to FOS, so I don't want to start telling them now that I have any other knowledge of the debt, or do I???? Also, there was a card with my address on from P2C advising of a visit next week. Obviously this company
  14. Hi, I applied for a CCA from Amex re an online application I made in Jan 2007. There seems to be different opinions regarding online applications in that they are automatically enforceable but others seem to mention that there are still guidelines that must be followed. Can someone please take a look at what I have received and advise where possible: http://i49.tinypic.com/23uuls.jpg[/img] Thanks.
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