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  1. I'm sure it will quite clearly state on any entrance to any car park (council managed or otherwise) that you park at your own risk?? I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me can clarify
  2. Hi my hubby had this issue with carphone warehouse and a ghost contract, something to do with him porting his number. at the time he sorted it out with cpw and they refunded him, however 3 years later when we have come to apply for a mortgage or IFA told us that we had been declined because of this. It turns out that they had defaulted this ghost account for a sum of £11!!!! He went spare as you can imagine and threatened cpw with legal action. Spoke to someone in head office eventually to be told it would take 28 days to remove the default, we said that was
  3. Hello So from previous posts I have explained about Lowells and how they have been pursuing a debt for 2 years without proof that it is mine. It has has been around different DCA's and I finally lost my patience and demanded they stop or I would commence legal action. Anyway to cut a long story short I have been emailing rathern than sending mail (cheaper and quicker!) and they came back with a load of crap how they hadsearched my file and that the last payment on this particular account was 31st March 2006. So my question to all you clever people is this. If the default on my acc
  4. good luck foggy, quite frankly i think they are a set of xxxxxx!!! I really hope you win x
  5. I've sent prove it letters to all the dcas that send me letters. Using the template from here. Gave up with letters and sent emails to lowells It's a debt for £359 from march 2006 that's isn't mine but still they insist it is and haven't produced any concrete evidence. They can't get anything from 3 mobile either According to my credit file it becomes SB on 25/12/2012 Just after so genius advice as to how to proceed if possible
  6. Hello So this alleged debt has been in dispute for over 2 years, been passed from DCA to DCA, another letter arrived from Lowells so I emailed them using the templates from my seperate email account demanding they remove all traces of me and their default from my credit file. They claimed they were waiting to hear from the OC. Two weeks pass, I still do not hear anything so I email again, this time threatening legal action if they do not remove my data. I receive a letter from them saying that an account was open in my name at my current address in 2005. This is a lie as I nev
  7. I think you've only got a maximum limit of 6 months to raise a grievance. I believe files of employees can only be kept for a certain number of years so without causing any offence they probably wouldn't have your details anymore possibly. I could (and probably will be) wrong though
  8. While giving a reference isn't obligatory they can refuse to give one, however a previous employer must give a potential employer the dates you were employed what your basic job role was and how long you worked there for. This basically confirms your employment with them. Have a look on the acas or business link websites
  9. It's not discover leisure is it? We got our caravan from them and it took nearly a year of phone calls and threats to trading standards before they resolved our faulty front window. Turns out they are now going into administration which is a shame to lose jobs but when their customer service is so poor...
  10. I was ran into in June in my 6 month old mini cooper. At the time I was 30 weeks pregnant and ended up in hospital. Little **** never even came over to say sorry. Needless to say it cost his insurers £12k to repair my car 6 weeks hire car charges. And the personal injury came out at £1400 if I didn't go to the medical (which was booked for 4 weeks later). So compensation can clearly vary
  11. Hello. I run a coach company with my husband I would expect a full refund. We would be obliged to do the same. Not that that's ever happened to us we usually get a call in the 15 mins following pick up if the vehicle is late and I either chase the driver or get another one to go out I cannot see that you will get compensation it depends on their terms and conditions. Did you get confirmation of the hire in writing either via email or post and did you leave mobile numbers etc as well I would write a letter of complain with regards to obtaining a full refund and go from there. I can
  12. I wish you all the best with everything (loving the iPhone when it cuts off half way through a reply!)
  13. They haven't grasped reality at all. They are a set of **** our company had a run in with the Corp tax side of hmrc earlier this year and I had to make a formal complaint as the horrible nasty women on the other end of the phone was so rude and couldn't understand whybi hadn't set aside money to pay them. Had to explain that when I have fuel bills and wages to pay on a weekly basis sorry I forgot to set aside thousands of pounds for hmrc. No clue. Luckily it's all resolved
  14. Wow these two cretins really have a problem with honest hard working people standing up for themselves don't they?? Think they need to mind their own business and let sites like this get on with helping people. I've used this site many times and have even posted asking for advice and it has been so helpful!! So thank you to those people that have replied helping me or I would be stuck paying ****** dca's money I didn't bloody owe them!!
  15. If it's a private car park police have no authority getting involved surely? I could be wrong
  16. My hubby bought a car from them a few years ago. They really didn't like it when he paid in cash. They kept trying to force a credit agreement out of him. He managed to buy the car eventually using the cash or bacs transfer whichever
  17. You could buy yourself a bnf which is the British nursing formulary as I used to be a student nurse I have one but it is a few years out of date. You can acquire a copy from whsmiths to have a look but an expert opinion is probably the sensible option without causing you offence. Hope that helps
  18. As long as he has worked for the company for 26 weeks he is entitled to two weeks paternity at whatever the going rate is less tax and ni. Just because he happens to tag two extra weeks holiday to that does not give his employer right to withhold what is a statutory payment. I presume he wasn't given a spp1 form which gives reasons why spp is not paid? Hope that helps a bit. You want to also look in your contract of employment with regards to entitlement as well
  19. I know records are kept for a long time. Is it 7 years I thought I read on the business link website it was 3. I know accounts you can destroy after so long as I've just done that I'm maybe getting the two mixed up
  20. I will have as I have to keep records for 3 years I've also got the cheque book showing the £500 loan. Only deductions made were for paye didn't take anything else Let me know if that's ok or if you need more info He's had his p45 and never queried anything until I've taken him to court for owing this money just recently Thanks for any help Lisa
  21. Wondered if anyone can give some wordds of advice. A friend of ours came to work at our company as operations guy. was going ok until he started not doing what we asked of him. He was on a set rate for office work and a different rate for yard work which he knew about on commencement of employment. He would disappear in the yard and of course i paid him accordingley. why should i pay him the office rate when he was working in the yard all day. his car broke down and we loaned him £500 to buy another car, it was on the assumption that he would pay this back. we foolishly believed because
  22. Hi there, if you look in your terms and conditions about termination, if you have serious illness or injury you are allowed to cancel with 30 days notice provided you provide a doctors certificate. I rang head office last thursday as i am 30 weeks pregnant and cannot use the gym anymore (yes i could swim but i don't feel confident enough) anyway asked if it were possible to suspend for a period of time as im not allowed to do physical exercise for 8 weeks post natally. got told in no uncertain terms no. I got a bit annoyed at this and sent a really snotty letter to head office which caroli
  23. Hello all Not something I am overly concerned with just after some general info. In August 2009 Lowells sent me crap for a debt I no nothing about. They never bothered to respond, then BCW got involved, sent them again info recorded delivery, again nothing. Sent them the 12 day disputed letter, still nothing. then it got passed to Muck Hall, so sent a snotty email, got a response saying refered back to clients. Its now onto fredrickson, had letters and phone call/txt to my home number. I am pregnant at the minute so got very angry with one letter and yes I know i was wrong but i
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