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  1. Cheers TheOldRogue, will be keeping an eye out for mine!
  2. Thanks for the info Old Rouge! Much apprecaited!
  3. Great! Thanks for the help! Will proceed as advised and revert if any problems with this approach.
  4. Well the letter does say, under a section titled Why you may be entitled to a refund that: Going with the above, I guess maybe I should write something along the lines of: Do you think the above is sufficient?
  5. Hiya, I just received another letter from CPP which included a "Compensation Claim Form". One of the section on this form is "Section B: Why you want to be considered for compensation?". I've had the CCP thing on my Barclays Credit Card since about 2006, I do recall the Barclays staff urging me to take out this policy in order to protect from fraud, identity theft and such, and they were very insistent that I take it out. What would you recommend to put in this section? Shall I just mention that I was aggressively mis-sold a policy that I did not need? Th
  6. Thanks Srfrench! Only problem is that I have money on account with them, so in essence they have already charged me, but I will persist and get a breakdown.
  7. Thanks Geoff, I will definitely try to do that. Yes, Kurvaface clearly does have some issues. Urban Dictionary: trolling Not trying to create anything, thats why I came on here and asked for opinions and advice. Assumptions are the mother of... I'm sure you know how the rest goes. Totally reasonable??? They have no idea about what I know and what I dont, as far as they are concerned I am their most productive employee and the least costly. Once again, you are working of pure assumption. Besides, even if they did know, judging by your comments
  8. I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place, MOD's please move if necessary. I had recently employed a solicitor to sort out some matters on my behalf. The matter has now been sorted and I am awaiting a final invoice. I requested that the solicitor also provide a breakdown of fees/charges for this matter, to which he replied: "please note that we do not provide a breakdown unless a client raises concerns about our fees". Is this normal practice? Seems a bit odd, especially considering that one would not be able to raise concerns without seeing the breakdown. Is my solicito
  9. Yeah, thanks for the advice.. this is a route I am currently looking at, but will have to see how it goes, the job market is kinda crap at the moment.
  10. Lucky you... Yeah, thought about it, but 3 problems: 1) No access to evidence 2) Very powerful lawyers 3) Potential for greater repercussions to me and/or my family.
  11. LOL... we're off season at the moment.. nothing to do
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