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  1. Bump.. ..can someone help....pleeeease?!?!
  2. Bump! I've taken some (Hopefully!) better photos. Thanks in advance! Andy Mint 2 pictures by Andylad1978 - Photobucket
  3. Hi, No there isn't a signature on it. Andy
  4. I've moved the above link to the ne below if this helps?!? This is the one that i need most help with ASAP if anyone can! Thanks in advance Andy Mint pictures by Andylad1978 - Photobucket
  5. Thans VINT1954 i'll shall send this off tomorrow and see what they come back with! Andy
  6. Sorry - try this?!?! MBNA pictures by Andylad1978 - Photobucket
  7. OK try this?!?! Pictures by Andylad1978 - Photobucket
  8. Hi all, I've attached Egg's response to my CCA request, Can someone tell me if they think this is enough to go back to them and state that my account is unenforceble? Thanks in advance Andy
  9. Hi, I have sent my reply to the Halifax stating my account is unenforceable and here is there reply - any thoughts, what do i do now?!?! Thanks in advance. Andy
  10. Sorry meant to attach these as well - whoops!
  11. Hi all, I've attached what MINT have sent me in reply to my CCA request. Please can someone see if this enforceable or not?!!? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all, I've attached what MBNA have sent me in reply to my CCA request. Please can some advise if this is enforceable or not. Thanks in advance
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