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  1. Hello, I am helping a friend with his ET, which has been going on for over a year now; for unfair dismissal. To cut a long story short, I have been requesting CCTV evidence and statements since last christmas, and finally demanded a Case Management Meeting. At this meeting, it turns out the CCTV evidence has been lost, and the ET have ordered the respondent to supply three missing statements. 1. What can I do about the missing CCTV evidence, and if they do not supply statements. 2. He was dismissed over one parcel, but in the bundle there is documentation on two more parcels, not ment
  2. Just as I thought, thanks for your input my friend, will consider your points. Jim
  3. Hi all, For the past 6 months a Manager has made my working environment hell, Threats of my future at job if I did not drop a disciplinary appeal, stopping overtime for past 2 months, changed hours to Flexitime withount discussion and increase of workload. He finally was caught red handed falsely stating that a written complaint was made against me so as to invoke disciplinary procedures. I immediately issued a Formal Grievance against him, my disciplinary was thrown out and 3 hours after I gave them my evidence to be used at the grievance, he was sacked. Now I need adv
  4. Hi again, I have a friend who works for an agency, who was given work at another company. After 7 months there, he was suddenly told he was not needed. He thinks it is because he has been named in a grievance against a manager, does he have any rights ?
  5. Hi there, I have been helping a friend of mine with his case, the respondents failed to return their ET3; we were given a default judgement. The respondents appealed and asked for a review, which they got. This is the problem . . . I have sent emails to everyone asking for statements and documents for moths now, I have even asked the tribunal to direct the respondents to send me documents. I have received nothing, we are meant to exchansoon, and the case is for september. I have recently quoted rule Compliance with orders and practice directions 13. - (1) If a party do
  6. I have to go through the processes, such as the disciplinary on the 16th and the grievance meeting on the 20th; I do not know the outcome of these. If they are not to my liking, can I leave and go for Constructive Dismissal, as I could not face any further treatment.
  7. My manager told me I was to take my managers post until his return ( 6 weeks ), they made changes that I had to implement, which angered the drivers. One mentioned bullying, so I repeatedly asked for management to inform staff these changes were coming from management. I was then told to perform two investigatory meetings on staff, I refused as I do not have the experience; they would not take no for an answer. This and the changes brought about an unfair bullying charge against me, which went to disciplinary. I was issued with a final warning, even though my past work has been exemplary. Fals
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