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  1. Well, Claim submitted, defence also submitted. Cut a long story short, after the suggestion that they would apply for their costs if they won, we agreed to settle. I declined their first offer and got the figure to some 60% of what I was actually claiming. Have to say, it was a frustrating time in the scheme of things for a small amount of money, however, it was more the principle than anything else. Overall I am happy with the outcome.
  2. Well that's now 4 recorded letters sent which I have proof of delivery. BMI Baby have not replied to any of them so I am now in the process of completing an online claim for compensation and associated expenses. Will update you when I hear more
  3. I'm going alone on this one and going to see what happens. Quite prepared to submit a claim with the small claims court.
  4. Hi, Haven't got that far, received the refund which took 3 weeks, was waiting for them to confirm that the flight in question and the next days flight was also cancelled so I could make a claim on my travel insurance as well as the precise reason of cancellation. Nothing for my insurance and technical fault was the reason. I have today sent a letter requesting EUR 250 suggesting that Technical Fault cannot be classed as extraordinary circumstances plus my out of pocket expenses and will take it further if need be.
  5. For anyone that's interested, Refund received the day the second letter arrived, so I assume that they have acted on letter number 1 as I can't see that the refund would have gone through so quick. Still no reply to my request of why the flight was cancelled or confirmation for insurance purposes that it was and that the next available flight was cancelled.
  6. Well a letter was sent to BMI Baby recorded on 12th July 09, to date no refund or reply has been received. I have sent another letter today, lets wait and see if they reply to that.
  7. Not if they pay up what is due prior to any court action.
  8. Thanks again Thailand, Always interested to get other views. My case might not get that far but I am fully prepared to give it a go, why should airlines get away with treating its customers like something unpleasant they've picked up on the bottom of their shoe.
  9. Has anyone taken an airline to court over cancelled flights and won, if so did you think it was worth the effort. Or did the airline not attend / settle out of court. I know it's not much but it's the principle, airlines should be made to pay, provide a better service and perhaps be a bit more apologetic instead of taking its customers for granted.
  10. Anyone have a current e mail address for BMI Baby?
  11. Have just found out that the Sunday (5th) pm flight from Newquay back to Birmingham was cancelled, that must mean that the 8pm flight from Birmingham was cancelled as it would have been that plane returning. What a crap service, even more determined to get compensation, as the alternative to me driving down would have been to book my daughter on that flight!!!
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