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  1. Yes thats it! Thanks,a lso found it on the moneysavingexpert lol http://bankruptcyandlivingwithit.co.uk/HouseholdExpenditur2010.htm
  2. Thanks for that. However, its not quite what I was looking for. There is a set of guidelines that are outlined for single, married, married with children etc, of the max you are allowed to claim for for things like shopping, travel, haircuts, clothing etc. If anyone know where this is - please let me know. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone Does anyone know where I can get the goverment set guidelines for what is the budget is for expenditure, that the Official Receivers work on? I have tried searching the government websites etc and cannot find anything, I did find it the other month but now for the life of me cannot find it! I know certain expeditures are excluded etc, but I need to know what is allowed 'acceptable' for travel, shopping and clothing etc. Thanks
  4. no accounts not joint, but BR is for both us anyway as a joint debt as sons were at the school. No this is not an option plus all the other debts we have an unable to pay as both lost jobs. To be honest they are doing us a favour by doing this anyway, and was something we were toying with for a while to help get all debts cleared and start a fresh clean state. I am not worried about what is happening, I just wanted really to know what to expect tomorrow when attending and what happens afterwards? Will this BR last for 12 months to pay back some of the debt owed - although
  5. its a school for debts owed. I do not have any debt with my actual bank I bank with, neither does my partner. Although we have various credit cards and loans etc, non again through our bank - all unsecured. Also what is the situation with council tax, do they wipe any debt owed on that?
  6. its ok you replied with an answer as I was typing the above.
  7. Hi Thanks, no we are no behind on our rent at all, and completely up to date. Thanks for your help. However, if anyone knows what will happen tomorrow that would be a great help - as still unclear if we will be made bankrupt tomorrow or if its just a preliminary hearing to ascertain what assets we have etc? I don't want my funds in my bank account being frozen by the bank, so if this is the case, I will be taking out all my money!
  8. oh its a solictor who has been instructed that has filed the demand and petition etc
  9. no its a petition. I have already had the statutory demand served. I am to attend court tomorrow. The debt is for £11,932 for school fees, both our sons when to private school, lost job and wasn't able to pay the fees, you cannot just take them out without giving them one terms notice, so even if you pull them out you still have to pay basically. We also have other debt, am I right that I can rule all other debt off with being bankrupt too, as long as its old debt prior to the bankrupt proceedings even if they aren't the people who filed for bankruptcy? But if we are goi
  10. Hi Please can someone help me? I have been filed with a bankruptcy petition for a large debt, which I cannot pay as both my partner and I have lost our jobs recently. However, I am unsure what to expect, is this just a preliminary meeting to ascertain what assets we have etc and then have another court date to return or will we actually be made bankrupt tomorrow with all bank accounts frozen? This is the first court date, and was only filed with a statutory demand before. We do not have any assets e.g. house/mortgage, car (well we have a little car, but isn’t worth
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