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  1. The debt is for £1315.29 with BT Anything else you need to know? thanks i will make an offer of as little as £5 a month untill i have paid off a few more bills so i have extra money.
  2. Ok i sent these the telephone harassment letter and got this response by letter. Dear ................. We acknowledge receipt of your letter we have removed your telephone number but you can only claim that you are being harassed when you are paying a debt, and still being contacted. you have not paid anything towards this account since 28th August 2010. Unless you contact this office with firm proposals within 7 days, we may have no alternative but to suggest to out client that they take further action for recovery of this outstanding debt. Treat this matter as VE
  3. how do i request their Official Complaints' Procedure? thanks for your help Senior
  4. How do you mean make a complaint. Also ill be sending them a phone call harassment letter. what else can i send them for contacting her parents address
  5. well just found out they have also rang my fiancée mums house and spoke with them. i dont know how they have got their number
  6. Hi could someone advise me on what to do. I am being harassed with phone calls by these people. ive told them to contact me by letter and they say no. so when i hang up they just keep calling Thankyou
  7. Thanks guys makes me feel easier. Is this a scare tactic then? and would it not be best to advise me on the debt this is for? Regards
  8. Hi just received this letter today warning me of a visit in the next couple of days. I don't know what this letter is for as it does not state that, The company is Dept & Revenue Services. Notice of action. what should i do? Regards
  9. sound advice mate cheers they emailed me a expenditure form and asked me to fill that before they can except my offer, shall i ask for the breakdown first before sending it? this is what they sent me Dear Mr xxxx Thank you for your recent e-mail. In order to consider your offer we require full income and expenditure details by return. Please complete the attached form and return it within the next 7 days. We can confirm your telephone number has been removed from our files. Regards
  10. I know he helped with the first reply and I'm very grateful but i don't need wise comments. And yes i agree i should of worded it better but i was having a moment of panic with the letter they sent me saying that they are sending Someone round to collect the amount owed. Anyway i found the "doorstep template"
  11. OK sent them an email and got a good reply. As for you UNCLEBULGARIA67, I don't need your smart arse comments, if you don't want to help then but out.
  12. could somone draft a letter for me please? im going to email these with an offer
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