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  1. I'd maybe speak to any local farmers or others that keep chickens in your area to see who they use and go elsewhere. I think that's tripe as well to call them exotic pets !! All credit to you for saving them, too. Cheers, Lynda~
  2. I've had an issue with them AND Paypal. I paid a seller for 2 wardrobes in December. He kept promising delivery and still nothing. I tried to get my money back and they tell me I'm past the 45 days (for Paypal to resolve it) and it's only 30 days now with Ebay I've got onto Natwest as I paid with my debit card and they're hopeful THEY can refund it. Not that they should have to. Ebay need to start coming down on rip-off merchants a lot harder than they do. If you get no joy (though you're well within the timespan) then get onto your card issuer instead.
  3. Exactly. I was paying £143 a week for a one bedroom with private rent (£575 a month). The only difference I've found is that the housing association charges weekly too so some months they're getting more than others which is a bit naughty. A 2 bedroomed house in Hampshire would usually be around £650 a month and we're a pricey county too although maybe not as bad as Surrey. However, we're not over £200 a month different ! I'd certainly query it. I sat on a list almost 5 years to land the housing association place with the affordable rent and it is, now, but yours isn't in the least. Lyn
  4. Wow, that does sound pretty excessive unless you're living in London. I love on a one bedroom place we near Salisbury and pay £98 a week. Any neighbours you can ask for a comparison ? That sounds more like private rent prices to me ! Lynda~
  5. Sadly it's mandatory you have to see them for 2 years. Even if you get a job you're still "on their books" till the 2 years is up. I've seen them now over a year and they've not arranged anything much to help me. I have applied for jobs myself and sorted out all my own interviews. Lynda~
  6. Oh, I might be wrong then. All I do know is they weren't allowed to have it all UNTIL it had been agreed between myself and the agent and the way the letters/emails were worded while we WERE in dispute it made me think they (the TDS people) held the money. Else what would be the point ? The agents could do as they always did and hold onto the lot. Lynda~
  7. If he had L plates on perhaps he could plead ignorance but without I'd say not in the least. Lynda~
  8. Once it's registered under the TDS scheme THEY hold it. I actually got a bit of deposit back in my last private tenancy as they hold it until both parties are satisfied with the amount to be returned. My letting agent tried to say I owed some of it for outstanding electricity (along with the obligatory cleaning rubbish you always get stung for whether you clean or not) and I'd had a key meter so it was utter rubbish which I told the TDS people and so it was released to me and not the agent. So it's a better way of doing it as to try and argue the toss with letting agents you'll never win with
  9. In all fairness and to strike a balance I had them for a year and cancelled and was never charged like that. I just cancelled the direct debit and phoned them when they sent my renewal quote and it was sorted. Lynda~
  10. Hmmmm, sounds like they aren't talking to each other. I'd try getting hold of them and also call the 0845 number or whatever number is on the JSA agreement you had and ensure you're properly in their system and ask for assistance there at the main site ? It still doesn't help you now. Plus surely they should have advised beforehand. My lot have a new system now. You go in, fill out a form beforehand, they check your jobsearch AFTER you leave THEN put your 2 weeks' money onto the system if they're satisfied. Biggest load of crap I've heard of. Lynda~
  11. I would get onto your Work Programme contact and ask them to try and sort it for you. Good luck as I'd be poverty-stricken too in that position. Lynda~
  12. I took down a neighbour's wall once not long after getting an automatic car-oops !! I claimed on my car insurance and it paid for it to be repaired. I was fully comp so I don't know if that makes a difference or whether a static thing like a fence/wall counts as a 3rd party. Lynda~
  13. The only time I'm aware of differences is over Bank Holidays so maybe it was something to do with that, although they do usually let you know in advance. Lynda~
  14. I doubt you have any rights. If you're aware it's wrong why do it ? It only becomes a problem if you don't bother to clear it up. I'm assuming you don't and if not I have little sympathy. Sorry, but it's people like you that give responsible dog-owners a bad name. Lynda~
  15. That's naughty then. The way the review was worded made me feel as though it was no more use than my phone screen in sunlight which is totally unreadable !! Cheers for that. Don't you despise e-reader propaganda !! Lynda~
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