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  1. PLEASE HELP I have a friend who went into Wilkinsons with her 2 children baby in buggy and one on stand rest behind, her trolley was for so she put some items in tray below and went to pay,she left a mug value 3.00 on bottom by mistake and went to leave store was stopped and questioned and accused of deliberatly using her child to conceal item. I have written to company asking for CCTV as we felt this would prove genuine error but they have said nothing they can do CCTV destroyed. letter from RLP demanding payout of 80.00 or court, I wrote back explaining 3.00 was a genuine error she had paid for 20.00 of goods but they have just said pay up or court. It is a matter of principal if she pays she is admitting guilt which she was not so it would appear only solution is to go to court over this 3.00 and there 80.00 costs for investigating (how they did this without CCTV god knows) abviously this is becoming easy money for them. Can anyone tell me downside of goinbg to court and what costs would be if for some weird reason the ruling goes against (looking at worst case senerio) she qualifies for legal aid but because this is civil canot get any help which seems extremely unfair
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