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  1. HELP!!! Hi all, I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction as I have no real idea what I need to do in regards to a situation I have been in with SPML/Capstone. I bought my house and remortgaged with SPML in 2005, unfortunately due to problems wiuth Tax credits I fell into arrears and ended up with a suspended repossession order over my property, this however forced my hand and I decided I did not want to live like that with the constant threats hanging over me and sold my property in Dec 2006. I know I have paid an abundence of charges which I have no idea what
  2. Phil, I had a loan secured on my property, the loan was taken in 2005, however due to financial problems I had to sell the property it was secured on with Welcomes permission but they never chenged the loan agreement, haven't signed a new one payments haven't changed, absolutely nothing has changed except I no longer own a property and the loan is no longer secured on anything. The only thing that allowed me to do this was they got a lump sum payment when I sold the house, and just to confirm there was negative equity in the property and I am still paying a lower amount which has
  3. Thanks Eboy, No they didn't tell me it would affect my credit rating, the thing is can they harrass me into paying the full amount when they have agreed a reduced amount? Cheers
  4. Andie, with regards to what you mentioned about malicious damage to your credit file how does that work, I currently have a letter from welcome agreeing a decrease in my payments, however for every month I have paid a lower amount they have defaulted my credit file, in total 6 times. Would that class, also just to clarify the decrease is only £69 a month less than he agreed amount. I tried to post a link to my thread earlier but wasn't able so PostGGJ has done it for me if you wouldn't mind checking it out. Lolly
  5. Can I ask, is £69.XX your agreed repayment, I noticed 2 telephone calls 10 days apart cosing you £10 each also. Hate to think what mines gonna say, lol Lolly
  6. Thanks Post was getting extremely frustrated not being able to do it
  7. Hi all, Really stupid question but I have started a new thread and cannot work out how to post on here for you all to see and possibly advise. Can sumone pls help me Thanks
  8. Hi all, Have read numerous threads and posts regarding Welcome Finance and am utterly disgusted that so many ppl have been so porrly treated. I have a problem with welcome with I am currently trying to rectify to no avail. I originally took out an unsecured loan with Welcome and subsequently it then ended up being a secured loan in the sum of £***** with repayments of £262 per month. No problem, however then I had financial problems and had to sell the property the loan was secured upon with Welcome's consent. I am not sure if I have PPi on the loan but do know that on the
  9. Thanks EBOY, the most annoying thing is I am honouring my end of the bargain. This loan was originally a secured loan on my house, sold that house in 2006 and have struggled with payments yet they hsven't even changed paperwork from secured loan to unsecured as it is no longer secured on any property cos I don't own any. Frustrating isn't the word Lolly:confused:
  10. Hi all, Been reading these posts and can't believe how many ppl have been done by wfs. Obviously I am one of them. Just wondered after reading all of these how I stand. Have sent off my SAR letter bout 2 wks ago, not been making full payments on my loan with welcome (have a letter from them stating £*** every month is acceptable) however they have defaulted my credit file 6 times and are hounding me for payments. they are wanting me to go back to original payments and I seriously can't afford it as possible redundancy looming. Can anyone advise best course of action. Not r
  11. Thanks Postggi, Yes, they gave me time to consider, I picked the cheque up from Nottingham as it was just before xmas and I did sign new loan agreement, however, since I have now sold the property the loan was secured against I have not signed new paperwork (sold the house Dec 2006 and have been paying the loan (sometimes not full amount but not much less, always agreed with branch first) I have recently spoken to a company who say possibly the agreement my not be enforcable because it is no longer a secured loan and they should have done new paperwork. Confusing isn't it.
  12. Thanks all for your replies. The loan I had originally with Welcome was an unsecured loan, it then progressed to a secured loan in the sum of £15,000. Does it make a difference if it is for a car or not?
  13. Can anyone tell me if Welcome Finance have been fined by the FSA please, currently trying to reclaim mis sold PPI due to seeing the Martin's money expert item on website. Also can anyone tell me if I can claim mis sold PPI from Yes Car finance now that they have gone bust? Thank you
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