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  1. Hi Ferrari5, I sent mine to my local branch my acounts are with. They then forwarded it on to the department that deals with it. This is what i was told when i phoned up and asked. Plus have received a phone call saying it is being dealt with.
  2. Hi Sallysas, No am not sure withholding payment is legal..then again neither is their no reply to my CCA request. If i put 'Account in Dispute' for failure to supple a CCA, then continuing payment defeats the purpose. As HFC are still being paid they will never produce one and I will be back to square one. Anyone else have an opinion on this?
  3. Update: After ignoring my 'CCA' request and subsequent 'Account in Dispute' letter, HFC have sent me a letter stating my account is now in arrears and to make payment. Seems like withholding payment is only action getting a response. I do not intend to make anymore payments unless they produce an enforceable agreement. Just wondering what my next step should be? Do I: Do nothing and see what they do next? Or: Send off another 'Account in Dispute' Letter?
  4. I took out a personal loan with Hamilton Direct bank in 2005. At some stage HFC have taken this over. I sent them a CCA, of which i received no reply. So have stopped making payments and sent them The Account in Dispute letter. Will see what response that gets.
  5. Hi Crazy Fella, I am no expert here and someone may correct me but surely for them to have an enforceable agreement it needs to be a signed Morgan Stanley one. One of my BC's was originally Morgan Stanley and when I CCA'd them, they sent me back the T&C's for a Barclaycard. So I have sent them an Account in Dispute letter and taking it from there. Have you tried CCA'ing your other creditors?
  6. Well Done Gary...... We all want Santa to bring us those letters for Xmas
  7. Am wondering if anyone has tried just ignoring BC, after using the CCA & CPR approach and getting nowhere. Surely if they want payments to resume its up to them to confirm they have a signed agreement. Can we not just sit tight and ignore their letters and consequent DCA letters as BC ignored ours?
  8. Whats on Dispatches tonight? Guessing Debt Collectors?
  9. Just curious. If you send Barclaycard a CCA request and they do no reply with one. You then send Account in Dispute Letter and stop paying. Trying to figure out why we would continue to try and get a copy of our agreement. Surely seeing as we have stopped paying and Account is in Dispute, it is up to Barclaycard to produce one. Or am I missing something?
  10. Hey Xyperpix they are the exact same documents I received from BC yesterday. Like Firstship stated it seems to be their standard repliy to CCA requests. I am sending A/C now in dispute letters and digging deeper to see if they have signed agreement. Which I doubt.
  11. Thanks for link Slick. Sending letters tomorrow. Will post any updates.
  12. Hi Slick, Thanks for reply. Will get letter sent tomorrow and read up on CPR strategy.
  13. Hi all. Sent BC a CCA request and just received a letter stating my current limit, balance and payment due. Have also sent what looks like a photocopy of Terms & Conditions for 'January to December 2000 Classic/Gold/Platinum/Student Card'. Nothing has my name, or date, or signature. In fact its probably what dozens on here have received before. So my next step to send them an Account in Default Letter?
  14. And so it begins..... I sent BC a CCA just received back the standard set of new Barclaycards T&C's. They state that this completes their obligations under Section 78 etc. This card was originally taken out in 2002 with Morgan Stanley and BC took it over last year. So if they had my agreement it would need to be a Morgan Stanley one? Is my next move to send them a default letter? Any advice would be appreciated.
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