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  1. Am I correct in saying that the PPC's have 35 days to send me a POPLA code by the rules of BPA? And that once they have failed to do this their case has fallen apart?
  2. I ahve read a lot about the POPLA and the 35 day so called appeal rule. Would you say it's worth persuing that line as they have not sent me an appeal code as believe they are supposed to. Also in the POF act is failure to pay there invoice classed as reasonable cause?
  3. Could you explain this a little more please and what is LL. thanks
  4. I have read quite a lot about the POPLA (which appears to be a complete farce) and the 35 day rule. Is it worth pursuing this line?
  5. My daughter was visiting a friend at her apartment and didn't realise that she had to get a permit. She received a ticket off care parking. They wrote to me as the registered keeper and I have replied stating that I wasn't the driver but they have quoted Protection of Freedom act stating that this is no longer accepted as a defense. I have successfully fought several PPC's in the past but before the protection of freedom act. Any indication of where to go with this one now would be appreciated.
  6. I am currently fighting Excel on behalf of a friend who have obtained here details from the DVLA stating that they had 'reasonable cause' under regulation 27 blah blah. I have wrote back to them asking them to state what their reasonable cause was for obtaining her details. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me what constitutes reasonable cause. She was parked wholly within a parking bay and not obstructing anybody or anything, her alleged offence was overstaying her ticket by some 6 minutes or so. The basis of our original complaint was that their fine was unreasonably high consid
  7. Yes I did mean PCN, my typo error there. I have read many posts on here however I have a friend who has a PCN issued by excel and they have resorted to calling here by phone (saying they are a solicitor acting on behalf of Excel) and demanding payment there and then. I always replied and they eventually got the message, however I guess it's up to the individual as to how they feel about ignoring these letters.
  8. I had exactly the same letters fron CEL and Newlyn. I was never to happy about just ignoring the letters just in case they did do something about it so I always wrote back, and besides I quite enjoyed sending them letters saying I wasn't going to pay them under any circumstances. Eventually after about seven months I got my last letter returned as 'addressee gone away' even though I know they are still trading from that address. I suppose it was there way of giving up without addmitting defeat. Needless to say I haven't heard anything from them since and that was in 2009. If you want me to sen
  9. Just to update everyone on my situation. The last letter I sent to CEL was returned unopened as 'no longer at this address'. some seven months after their first letter to me. Not heard anything since. I am now helping a friend with a PNC issued by Excel under the unfair charges angle. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. I am considering sending a copy of your template to CEL. I've attached a copy which I've changed by adding a paragraph. I'd be grateful of any coments and to know if it's worth sending at all. I thinks it's time with fought fire with fire. Dear Sirs, I refer to previous correspondence under your reference *********. It is my understanding that you obtained my personal data from the DVLA. It is my belief that the DVLA passed my personal data to you unlawfully. This is the subject of a separate complaint by me against the DVLA. If this complaint is upheld then it is likely to be t
  11. The direct gov website say under the heading 'Circumstances in which information has previously been released' unauthorised parking on private land – to help landlords or their agents to trace keepers who obstruct access, contravene parking restrictions or trespass on private land So i'm assuming that they've got this angle covered or is the key to this thread in the 'decriminalised parking enforcment scheme' part of the statement.
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