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  1. I'm so sorry - in my eagerness to help, I hadn't realised that you'd already obtained an Order to Obtain information. Sorry!! Impecunious! Have you thought about putting a charge against their property? You probably won't be able to force them to sell but it might shake them into paying. Alternatively, if its for thousands of pounds, perhaps a statutory demand might scare them!
  2. I'd suggest obtaining an Order to obtain information - that way you'll be able to discover exactly what assets they have and it will give you an indication of what is the best way forward to enforce payment. It will cost you a little (£45?) but well worth it. On the form they will also have to offer you payment (which you can either accept or refuse). You can also ask them to produce specific documents to the Court at the time of the hearing - bank statements, car valuation, etc. Unfortunately, I was on the receiving end of an Order to Obtain Information last year - it was truly awful. In my case, I honestly didn't have any assets, so I offered them £1/month. BUT, if the judgment debtor has money - they should be able to pay you. As far as I know, credit cards aren't priority debts (unless they're subject to a CCJ), so your CCJ should take preference. Look up on HMRC website for further information. Best of luck! Impecunious!
  3. That is a brilliant start - well done you! Please just let us know how you get on - was thinking of you over Easter. I found great support on here and I'm just pleased to be able to help in some small way. Impecunious!
  4. Maybe in his own stupid way he was trying to protect you from the mess!! People don't always think straight when it comes to debt/court etc., bury their heads in the sand. Don't we all at some time. It's a defence mechanism (not a very practical one though). Don't be too hard on him - no matter how tempting!! Just try showing him the way Men eh?? Impecunious!
  5. I would definitely make the gesture - it means that you're being pro-active and "putting your money where your mouth is". I should imagine that the Council would be more inclined to accept a reasonable offer if you had already shown them that you're serious about maintaining a regular payment plan. Just ensure that the amount you propose to pay is what you can realistically sustain each month and one you won't default on. Good Luck! Impecunious!
  6. As a gesture of goodwill, whilst negotations are still in progress, are you making online payments to the Council in respect of the arrears? Impecunious!
  7. Please stop beating yourself up! It might seem like a big pit but you can slowly dig your way out of it! One step at a time! No need to feel ashamed, by posting on here you've already done the hardest bit - admitting to your debt. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Now it's time to sort it out. By empowering yourself with knowledge and good advice, you can start to make in-roads into the problem. Trust me - you will get through this. Look at all the postive things you're already achieving. Bringing up a child single-handed and working 30 hours a week is an achievement in itself. I've brought up 4 children by myself for the last 25 yrs and I know how difficult it is to juggle all the balls in the air. Sometimes, inevitably, it's easy to take your eye off the ball. You're not super-human, so be kind to yourself please and take one step at a time. You'll get all the advice you need on here. Impecunious!
  8. First things first!! You did absolutely the right thing in not engaging in conversation with the bailiff or letting him in. Second thing is make sure that any vehicles you own are moved away from the house and that you remove anything of value from outside the house: garden furniture, bikes, etc. and keep the garage/shed locked. Use your time wisely and read through the advice given on here. There's lots of it. We've all been there, done that, so don't despair. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you'll get all the advice you need to get through this. DON'T answer the door when the bailiff comes calling again. You don't have to pay them! And they can't seize your goods unless YOU let them in - cos they haven't gained entry and don't have a walking possession order. As a single parent your household comes under the "vulnerable" status. You'll see plenty of templates to advise the council of this fact and ask to have the account returned to them and arrange a payment plan. Use The National Debtline Income and Expenditure sheet to work out your disposable income from which you can then offer a payment plan - CT is a priority debt. Pay the council direct online. Just ensure that any payments you make go directly to paying back your arrears not your current year's CT. Someone will be along shortly to give you chapter and verse. Don't panic .. just sit tight, make a cuppa and await lots of good advice Impecunious!
  9. If the vehicles are in your name, that's good. The bailiff can only levy on goods that belong to your OH as the fine is in his name. Of course, that may not stop the bailiffs trying to levy on them. They can, of course, do a check with DVLA to ascertain registered keeper. IF the bailiffs do levy on the vehicles, please get back to us for more advice. That's fairly easy to sort out. Meantime, just get on with your day! Don't let the bailiffs intimdate you - don't speak to them, don't open the door. Knowledge is power and hopefully, with our reassurance, you won't feel so scared. Once your OH gets home, let him deal with it!! Impecunious!
  10. I'm surprised the "nice" bailiff didn't levy on the bike/car on his first visit this morning. You might find that IF the bailiff returns this afternoon, they post a levy for the vehicles "believing" them to be the property of your OH. Is there anyway you can have them moved away from your property? Obviously, if they are not the property of your OH it won't matter - or if they're on HP. Impecunious!
  11. I doubt it would go to a HCEO - aren't they only used if the debt is over £600 and Writ of Fi-Fa obtained? Impecunious!
  12. Apparently Magistrates Fines are "priority debts" because failure to pay could result in the Court issuing a Warrant without bail. Tell your OH to contact the Fines Manager at the Magistrates Court to arrange a payment plan. It would seem that lots of correspondence would have been sent to your OH before the situation reached this point. If you search online for "bailiff advice" - you'll find the information your OH needs. (Cream/maroon heading with an image of an open book - can't give you the link as this would be considered advertising.) I'd advise him to deal with this urgently. In the meantime, I don't really think there is much else you can do except to sit tight and don't worry too much. Impecunious!
  13. I believe that your partner may be able to phone/visit the Magistrates Court and explain the family's circumstances and arrange a payment plan (cos you're on benefits, etc.). Don't give up yet - someone with more savvy will be along soon. Don't be frightened or the children will sense it .... As long as you don't let them in and there's nothing outside they can levy on -- such as garden furniture, bikes, etc., they'll go away. The bailiffs would need a Magistrate's order to gain forceable entry to your home, they can't just break in cos they say they will. If you have someone who can sit with you, ask them. You could probably do with moral support. When your other half gets home, give him stick! I know we all do it, bury our heads in the sand, when it comes to things we can't cope with but tell him to get it sorted!! (With CAGgers advice) Best of luck Impecunious!
  14. First of all, try to calm down!! Bailiffs are mainly full of hot air and bluster!!! They're trying to intimidate you to illicit payment. If they haven't gained entry, you do not have to allow them entry. They haven't levied on goods previously, so they can't remove your goods! I admit I don't have any experience of magistrate's fines, but I'm sure someone will come along soon to give you more advice. In the meantime, DON'T panic! Sit down, make yourself a cup of tea and await advice on here. You're not alone! Impecunious!
  15. I'm glad to see that you've had some extra help . It took a few weeks before Pete Bradshaw was able to get back to me (once he had confirmed my circumstances) - so be a little more patient. I know it might sound simplistic - but try to relax and take care of yourselves. CT debt may be daunting but, at the end of the day, it's just an entry on a ledger. If you go through all the steps advised on here, you'll come out the other end - fully intact and eventually the debt will be cleared. Mine personally will take years but that's fine - cos it's been dealt with now and I can afford the monthly payments. If you have any queries when you hear back from Pete Bradshaw, just let us know and we'll all do our best to advise on the next step. Good luck! Impecunious!
  16. Sorry, probably not possible to keep Rossies from the door BUT just remember to keep windows/doors locked - and hide vehicles, etc. I know it's seige mentality but, hopefully, when the Council take back your account - you'll be able to relax again. One step at a time. Remember - you DON'T have to talk to Rossies! And don't be frightened please. i'll be back at my desk tomorrow if you need anything but there's always plenty of good advice available from so many people on here. Impecunious!
  17. I personally e-mailed all correspondence to MCC via e-mail. Much quicker. I originally addressed e-mails to MCC CT Dept, then through a variety of clerks up to Pete Bradshaw, who I believe is top of the pyramid. Good luck!! If you need any further help, please just ask. Impecunious!
  18. I so totally agree !!!! The bailiffs who came round to mine looked like grizzly bears wearing badly-fitted bomber-jackets!
  19. Well, the good news is -- from what I can see - is that the levy is unlawful because it includes an item used for cleaning your home - your hoover!! Silly bailiffs, they never learn. I believe because it is unlawful, that all charges associated with the levy have to be removed. I'm sure someone-else will back me up on this one! The sofas too -- is that your only seating? They have to leave you enough chairs to satisfy your family's needs. Impecunious!
  20. It's not really surprising that you're finding this difficult and not being able to focus properly. I might not feel quite so daunting if you just take it one step at a time. I suggest you look at The National Debtline website and using their example, work out your Income and Expenditure properly. This way you'll be able to calculate how much disposable income you have each week/month from which to pay priority debts. (Council tax arrears = priority debt.) Rossendales have no right to dictate how much you should be paying. Only YOU know your personal budget. Once you've calculated how much you can realistically pay and sustain, start paying the council online. Just make sure that you are actually paying your arrears and that the payments aren't merely reducing your current CT liability. Write to Pete Bradshaw at the Council and explain your current situation - health-wise and emotionally. Make your offer and explain that is realistic - also mention if you have other debts, etc. then he will get the bigger picture. If you need any more advice/support, please ask. We all know how difficult it is - especially when you're worried and not feeling great!! You don't have to climb the mountain in one go - just start at base camp and slowly work your way up!! Take care Impecunious!!!
  21. I'd suggest that demonstrating light-hearted humour in the face of overwhelming debt and bullying bailiffs is being stoically British! I'm sure it's not totally personal. Impecunious!
  22. Small piece of advice - but useful. Look at the National Debtline's advice on putting together an Income and Expenditure sheet - I used them when I did an I&E sheet for submission to the court for a suspended ATE and it was successful. Impecunious!
  23. OOOh - poor old judgment creditor. Bet he wasn't expecting that!! Thanks!! Impecunious!
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