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  1. Sorry I should have explained better it is not for a job vacancy I have applied for but a license I require from the council. Yes I thought it may show on the check, It is crazy that every single suspicion no matter how little evidence there is gets mentioned on it. Why the h#ll should anyone be allowed to make a decision based on a false accusation? It's making me so mad If I get refused the license due to this appearing on a CRB check then I can see me having to pay even more expensive legal fees to challenge this. IMO it is so so wrong that the council will be given information o
  2. Hello again After thinking that my nightmare summer was over this horrible problem may have reapearred again. For work purposes I am required to have an enhanced CRB cheque, I understand that this will include every arrest, accusation and even slight suspicion. My question is will my arrest, charge, then following court trail appear in this for drink driving? Even though I proved my self innocent with a not guilty verdict in a court of law after proving the police were lying.
  3. Thanks for the google link After googling I think I have found the form and guidlines but it still all looks a foreign language to me Maybe I'll just have to pay the solicitor?
  4. Hi Firstly I am not sure if this is in the correct forum so I apologise before hand if it isn't. After being cleared by a district judge for drink driving, see thread if interested... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/207685-im-being-charged-wrong-2.html The court has said I can make a Defence Costs Order against them for my legal costs, I thought this will be done automtically but I have received a letter from my solicitor saying that the forms are complicated and they could do it for me for £75 + VAT. With xmas approaching and time
  5. My opinion of why they said what they did is because they saw my vehicle parked with myself sat in the drivers seat, with the keys in the ignition and the electrics on. They had not seen the vehicle move and the enigine was off. Even though they knew that the vehicle was stationary and had been for at least the time while they were there, they did not beleive me when I told them I had not drove anywhere, now here they were supposed to either send me home or arrest me for drunk in charge of a vehicle. But instead the male PC tried to push for a confession out of me for driving over the lim
  6. My solicitor said I will be getting a refund of approx 80% of his fees because legal aid will now be paying for it. (only 80 % because his private fees are higher than what legal aid is prepared to pay). Is this what you mean?
  7. Hi people I wanted to give an update. Well the case has dragged on to its conclusion today due to various reasons but this afternoon I was found not guilty I managed to get the money together for a good solicitor as I realised how much my licence means to me. This is the best decision I have ever made, today it was clear that at least one of the officers was lying 100% and the other only gave partial truths and together both stories clashed with each other, whilst my story has remained consistent throughout since the point of arrest and I was able to back up every single fact.
  8. Thankyou for clearing up the sentencing guidlines. Also the car was not parked in a car park, the pub car park is tiny and is always full, it was parked on the road. I have looked through all the paper work and it does not look like the WPC statement is being used against me, she probably has given one but the CPS are not using it because she is not accusing me of driving - he is, she only said that he saw me.
  9. That is something else I am not sure about, if I am found to be not guilty of drink driving can they charge me with being drunk in charge which I have admitted to, or is it just a straight guilty or not guilty? Does the prosecution have to drop the drink driving accusation before the trial to drunk in charge of a vehicle for me to be found guilty of that? As said before I am prepared to plead guilty to drunk in charge and take the 10 points.
  10. My solicitor also says there is something fishy going on as it is not normal procedure for police to interview a suspected drink driver, usually its "see you in court" and they send you away. Thats why I think they were hoping for a confession as the only evidence they have is one police officers statement as he is the only one saying he saw me.
  11. Thanks for your reply. Yes the key was in the ignition, the engine was not running but the electrics were. I have admitted this to the police and I know that the heater does not work whilst the engine is off but when you have been drinking your mind works in different ways and at the time I could not work it out! Yes I am in charge of the vehicle but this is a totally different offence to drunk driving that they are charging me for. I have never once denied that I was drinking and I am also prepared to plead guilty to the lesser offence of being in charge There were two officers in
  12. Hi people I've lurked on this site for a while but this is my first post as I need advice, can't afford a solicitor and have had my request for legal aid refused. Sorry for the long post I hope someone can read it all the way to the bottom! I am being charged for drink driving, before you all jump on me to say it's your on fault and you get what you deserve - I was not driving, nor did I have any intention to Here is a breif outline of what happened...I went straight to the pub from work with the intention of just having one pint then go home. Its my regular and I have lot
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