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  1. hi andy flippin heck :eek:i,m rocking in my chair here . i,m sure i dont need to tell you as i,m sure you have guessed by now that my knolledge of the legal system is zero minus a lot more . the w/s you have sent me has left me as to its contents . i realy need to let you know a bit more about this case for you to be able to get the gist of it . ( more flesh on bones time i think ? ) is there away from the forum i can give you more details .i dont want to be ignorent to anyone but i dont want to hang out my dirty washing as they say . if possible can iether of us contact each other by pr
  2. cheers andy just one i did,nt quite get a grip of tho ?. it says Where did you get which statue do you mean where did i wread it on the net ?? if so i will find it again and let you know so you can let me know if its something i can use if you dont mind ?. so if i can enter my little gem in my w/s ?i was thinking of putting a little bit in the w/s saying i recieved mr bloggs defence letter mr bloggs says in his defence letter blah blah . then me replying to this with my little gem ( not sure how to word it tho? ) maybe something like " mr bloggs says there is no contracts et
  3. no problem andy i apreciate your help when ever you can give it . woody
  4. hi Andy i,m much obliged you came back to me . 1 the thing i wanted to add was when the opposition in there defence letter said "no contracts were written or verbal and no fee discussed" well i wanted to counter that somehow in my witness statement by adding quantum meruit some where to say there is a sort of way i can chalenge there defence of no contracts . but i dont want to get up the judges nose before i get my hearing . 2 when you say add it as a appendix ?? forgive my ignorance hear . but do you mean i can add it to my witness statement ? but how do i go about adding it to my w,s
  5. hi andyorch i,m not sure if i have answered your question enough but believe me there is a lot of flesh to put on the bones and to get it all down would take me forever and all i need to know is can i 1 put a little bit of legal argument into my witness statement to counter what the opposition has said in there defence to my counterclaim 2 if i can not then is there away of me adding a piece of law to the paperwork for sendimg ie witness statements and corrospondences etc 3 i would like to be able to show the court and mainly the opposition something i would like to rely on
  6. hi andyorch thanks for your quick reply long long story but in a nut shell i owed them only half of what they owed me . they put there claim into small claims and i counterclaimed for 2k they won first round and now its my turn . bottom line i did a lot of work for them and me being a trusting numpty had no contract . they dont dispute i have done a shed load of work but they say no contract no pay in a nutshell . i have found that there is somthing that can help me get my restitution it says as much as he deserves . meaning where thaere are no contracts it does not mean you cant get
  7. hi all i,m still very new to this so bear with me please . i have to write up my witness statement for my counterclaim .i have lost the first battle so i need to win the war or the opposition will walk away unjustly laughing all the way to the bank enriched by my hard work i believe i have a good case (dont we all ?) i can state all the facts of the case no problem there but i need to know answers to a few questions 1 can i include even a little bit of legal argument to put the wind up my opponent in my witness statement which they get a copy of along with the court just befor
  8. foolishgirl yes i sent the aos last thurs the court should have it by monday ,my first 14 days were up tuesday coming . i must go now i will come back when i get home from work . regards woodpecker1
  9. foolish girl i did,nt realise i already asked the question re the aos and i have just seen your reply . sorry about that
  10. hi foolishgirl thank you for your advice , i just have a couple of questions, you mention A O S ? not sure what you mean ? also in my defence should i not mention that we did say we would make a payment as soon as we could . the thing is i have we have tried to be open and honest all through this sorry saga . but the claimant as i said never once asked for or mentioned payment untill the phone call followed by his letters . but having said that he made me verbal promises for payment that i never recieved . i have to work today and wont be home till this evening so i wont be able to get back he
  11. hi foolishgirl thank you for your advice .i have just a couple of questions to ask . you mention A O S ???
  12. Hi Foolishgirl, The last 3 pages were proposed and have not been sent to the court. I was looking for advice on the layout of the defence and claim. I have to go out for a few hours, i will leave get the images on as soon as possible. Regards Woodpecker1
  13. hi to every one who has given me help (michael your help on how to get this information on was just what i needed) along with the help of my son doing the tech bits. i have posted all the papaer work i have except for a copies of my invoices 12 of them explaining work carried out and cost for my labour . if any of this information is needed just ask . there was no loan agreement all this was verbal between us then he had a stinking row with my wife which turned into a shouting match (this argument was not concerning this it was regarding a family matter )then because he didn't like what he was
  14. hi everyone who is kindly helping me . i am now in the process of scanning all relavent paperwork etc (with a little help from my son ) i should be able to get all this to you all on here at latest by sunday morning if not sooner . please be patiant with me . i realy appreciate all your help so far regards woodpecker1
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