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  1. Thanks for all your replies. I shall wait and see what Ruthbridge come back with - not a lot I'm imagining. Thank you again
  2. Darn it. I wish I'd seen that letter sooner as I've just sent this one, what do you think? Dear Sirs, Account No: XXXXXXXX You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement for the above account. On XX/XX/XXXX I made a formal request for a true signed agreement for the alleged account under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77-s.79). A copy of which is enclosed for your perusal and ease of reference. You have failed to comply with my request, and as such you are now in default
  3. Okey Dokey, up till last year we were paying an old credit card debt via Ruthbridge (cc was Associates) and then I did all the standard letters asking for a copy of our credit agreement etc etc. Nothing was sent to us and we followed the procedure advised e.g sent a reminder after so many days, then sent a letter of dispute and then cancelled all payments. Today we have received a letter from Ruthbridge asking for payment for this same client with the usual threats of court etc, but the only info they have sent is a copy of all credit card statements. There is no credit agreement or c
  4. Thanks for that Erika. It would certainly seem that the derelict should be exempt. We did try to claim this way back when we bought the place in 2000 but they've insisted we were wrong. Be interesting to find out whether we can get a rebate on this. Does anyone know about the laws regarding temporary accommodation whilst building? We're paying council tax for these portacabins which have to be removed once building is finished but we know for a fact that many of the other self builders here are not being charged council tax at all for their temporary accommodation or statics. Also wo
  5. OK I'll try to keep this short. We are currently living in temporary accommodation on our land while we build a house smack next to us. The temporary accomodation is basically portacabin units on blocks and we have to pay council tax on them but they have to be removed once the house is built. We currently get Council tax benefit on the temp accommodation and have to pay a decreased amount on the new build. (about 10% deduction). The reason we have to pay on the new build is because it's an extension of a derelict building and the law here says that as the derelict was banded we have to
  6. Edited cos I asked a question that you had already answered. Cheers. If we stop payment and somewhere down the line they produce the correct information do they then have a right to claim all the backdated stuff to when we say it went into default?
  7. Ok, I sent a CCA letter off to 2 of our current DCA's and was wondering how long we have to wait before they are in default? We sent the letters on 20th July, 1st class registered post. Also, what is the next step if they do not produce the documents in that time? We are currently paying these DCA's monthly but have never asked for any kind of evidence of the debt etc until now. Thanks
  8. I shall just have to wait and see what they deliver in the way of the requested paperwork then. However, we're not particularly worried about credit reports. I know that may seem to be a stupid thing to say but we never intend to get credit, a mortgage or loans ever again and infact haven't done in the past 6 years since moving here. What we cannot afford to buy with cash we simply cannot afford and don't get. I did get my credit report a few years ago but I didn't keep it. I do remember that there was nothing derogatory on it though. Should have got hubby's instead as all credit
  9. In which case what should we do? I have sent off 2 of the CCA letters - 1 to Rockwell and 1 to 1stcredit. Both of these we have been paying off monthly for about 3 years now, but I never questioned their 'ownership' when they sent payment demands at the start. Do we just stop monthly payments until they do produce the relevant documents!
  10. Thank you for that. I haven't been able to find Rockwell anywhere either. It seems they are something to do with Tessera Portfolio Management LTD - thyey just hide very well.
  11. I need to send CCA request letters to Rockwell, 1st Credit & Ruthbridge. However I only have PO box numbers for Rockwell and 1st Credit, do these accept signed for mail?
  12. Brilliant. Thank you for that. I shall send the letters out and see what response I get.
  13. Righto, I'm sorting stuff out to send CCA's to all our current debt collectors as we've always just paid up without checking first that they do own the debt and the have information required to chase it. Could someone send me a link please or advise what to write for a CCA to DCA's that we are currently paying debts to? Also, could you explain exactly what information we are expected to receive from the DCA and what we should do if A) that information is not what is expected and B) they don't send anything? If the DCA's cannot provide proof of the debt should we be paying them?
  14. I tried, but it's a business account and I had 2 letters from Lloyds refusing that they have to pay anything back on a business account. Besides, it's almost 6 years ago now so we can't really do much can we?
  15. I'm so sorry if I'm making a mess of this. I think I've lost the plot and am just starting to confuse one with the other now lol. Ok. You're correct, the Cabot debt has not been paid for years (at least since we moved to scotland in Nov 03). Since then we have had no contact with the credit card company or any DCA regarding this debt. I wasn't sure about the fact that as we are paying off a different debt through Ruthbridge whether they could use that knowledge of husbands address as some kind of proof that we must have received the letter. You've cleared that up for me though, thank
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