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  1. I have been paying the debt at an agreed rate each month since 2004 so I gather that does not apply. I applied for the CCA in 2009. Got sent one from 2004 (account opened in 1999). I complained, AMEX admitted in had no Ts & Cs before 2004. I got Ombudsman decision in 2012. I am happy to keep paying the small amount I do each month, but I just want it settled once and for all. Amex hand to one DCA who when they discover it is unnenforeable hand it back only for Amex to hand it on again. This is now DCA no 5 I think!!
  2. After trying to palm me of with an agreement written five years after my account was opened, in 2012 Amex agreed, following a complaint to the ombudsman, that is was not a true copy and paid me £100 compensation. I, to date have not, after asking for over 4 years, received a true copy. However, they have now sold the debt to a DCA. Any advice please??
  3. I signed a personal guarantee for my Ltd company business in 1998. On Sept 27, 2005 the business was dissolved with a £16,000 overdraft. No payments have been made to the bank since 2004. Today the bank wrote to the limited company (via my home address) demanding payment of £32,000. They say that if it not paid they will enforce any guarantees they hold. Where do I stand??
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