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  1. called the company, was something from 2009, but apparently had some sort of transaction in 2012/13? (not from me) 2009 is well over the threshold surely? How do I go about finding out what the transaction was in 2012/13, pretty certain I had nothing to do with the account during that time, for all I know an ex-partner could have been doing something? or maybe even people living in my old apartment...?
  2. been moved for about 5/6 years now... afaik everything was updated, unsure what its actually for, it doesn't state it anywhere... also thanks for fixing the title for me
  3. First I've heard of this, I haven't received anything else regarding this matter, isn't this something that I have to attend court for? if so why wasn't nothing stated nor issued to me? I have to pay £1005.82+£110 fee within 8 days to a company I don't even know about? or even know what money they are trying to get from me? Over the past few years I've been working hard to pay back things i genuinely do owe, and for this to pop up is just annoying.. I work a part time 30 hour a week job, any ideas? Obviously if the debt is true I'll pay, but from how lo
  4. says certificated Bailiffs.... http://certificatedbailiffs.justice.gov.uk/CertificatedBailiffs/ Stanford & Green nor Mr "Trindall" who classes himself as a Certificated Bailiff is on it? is that correct?
  5. I owe some money on last years council tax, and when I was working I paid off what I needed to each month to keep them happy via my council. but been unemployed for a few months, first they wanted me to pay £50 + a month, wish I had that spare... I sent a letter back no reply, today get a letter from Stanford and Green saying they are going to take my motorbike its just a little 125 that I use to get around, suffering from asthma a lot recently so I rely on it highly. and it helps when I have job interviews to go to them. anyway called him, no answered, called again and answered
  6. It asks do I want a hearing, how long, wha time of judge. Like I said never filled out so have no idea...? http://hmctscourtfinder.justice.gov.uk/HMCTS/GetForm.do?court_forms_id=484 It's the top form
  7. yes but i have no idea what else to put in the sections? http://hmctscourtfinder.justice.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/n244-eng.pdf a have i included a draft?? do i want a hearing? what level of judge etc etc?? i have no idea, never ever filled out one of these..
  8. would should i put as the claimant? east kent hospitals or mr sobell?? also going to need help filling this form out??? :s
  9. And i dont own a valid driving license, which they know, and it could of been 3 people. were talking about over a year ago.. and no i havent seen any evidence at all.
  10. i did respond to something, was a court form. unsure if it is what you say, i did not recieve anything else other then what i have put onto this forum, i have everything on my pc, and on my imageshack account and can not see anything about a part 18.
  11. this was infact what i sent, still have it on the pc.. could they have sent something, and i not recieved?? I did tell Rox you have moved, and maybe they did not tell ?? Even the court send everything to my new address
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