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  1. Like i said before guys, Its ONE bailiff, and only ONE. Yes there are more like this idiot but the majority respect the guidelines and do the job correctly, charging the correct fees etc, lets not forget that. But geez, that Mr boast was the biggest idiot I have probably ever seen. What a T*sser! He needed to be windled out.
  2. Here's an idea. Lets go around secretly filming any old tom , dick or harry, lets say the government or the police. We will film for 2 years until we have enough "BAD" stuff to make a programme, dismissing all the honest people filmed as that doesn't make good telly. Edit it all together to make the industry look as bad as possible to attract viewers, sell it to ITV as a "veiwer puller", advetisment revenue goes up, ITV and film maker are quids in......... You guys are so gullible..... This is ALL this programme is about, nothing else, to make money and by advertising it, you are inc
  3. Are you sure he wasn't misunderstood. It would be perfectly permissible for him to inform your sister he was a Bailiff and was there to execute a warrant issued by Northampton County Court ( Parking fines are dealt with here) I cant see any reason why, or what difference it would make if he stated he was a court Bailiff or a private Bailiff as he wouldn't benefit from this as they are the same. As for data protection re the conversation with your neighbor, im not certain he has breached data protection, however, its common sense not to bleet yours or anybody business to all and
  4. The bailiffs generally follow guidelines set by the client as to the length of time they are given to collect the debt. This is usually 90 days for council tax for most authorities ( This would be the maximum amount of time given to pay on arrangement ) However, alot of people are means tested and get suitable arrangements based on their circumstances which are alot longer. However, if you are referring to how long a bailiff has to return the case to the client when the Debtor isnt willing to co-operate, then its open. He will return it when he "Gives Up" as there are no goods and no pros
  5. "In this case there is no lease AND there has not been the opportunity to establish a payment pattern and therefore an implied due date." Due date would have been agreed oraly, its still agreed, however it gives the rent payer more leeway as its harder to enfore ( He said / She said ) "I suspect the only legal remedy in this case was the repossession of the building (via a bailiff) then a futile attempt to recover rent due under an oral agreement" This is neither a viable option for LandLord or Tennant. If the ORAL lease is ended via forfiet, the LL will not get his money and te
  6. The best you can hope for is a reduction to the levy fee as the bailiff attended for the wrong amount, and get your 200 quid back. "They acted outside of the law as our lease was not signed until 9th September 2010 !! So in other words they had no legal right at all to enter our premises and demand money as no agreement existed for them to act on" Although you have no written agreement, you have entered into an "Oral tenancy Agreement" with the LandLord. An agreement all the same. "Then I had the thought that demanding money without any legal right to do so is theft? Or at worst
  7. No - Same rules regarding forced entry, prior levy must be in place. The only cases where a bailiff can for entry with no prior levy is A) Magistrates Fine and B) Forfiet of lease get your facts straight before posting. EDIT - Forgot to say, before its pointed out, HCEO can force entry with no prior levy, but were talking bailiff here not HCEO.
  8. I never implied it was relevant....... I implied that as it was an expired permit, a stat dec will do the trick... no relevance there..... STAT DEC.. " I made representations to the council stating i was waiting for a new permit, this is why the tickets are invalid, i never recieved a rejection notice from them " easy as pie.... wether its the truth or not is certainly irrelivant Fine goes back to the original figure ( with the 50% discount )
  9. Rae, guilty of that myself.... when they introduced paying on a Sunday where i live.... i didnt know anything about it and got a ticket. Easy mistake, but, a ticket is a ticket, and, its best to do the sensible thing and deal with it. Seems like chettiyar has not done this, " 7 Tickets ", this could have been stopped after the 1st by getting another permit. that is the "common sense bit"
  10. Probably no help but i would like to tell you a story. At least to demonstrate how thing were 20 years ago. When i was 19 (20 years ago) i got a fine for driving with no insurance £500. I lived with my parents and was at uni, so i had no income. I was ordered to pay £50 per month and didnt. In those days the court bailiff came round to see me, kept coming round as i didnt pay, and adding charges. Eventually, i got a summons for non payment and went back to court. I was crapping myself on the day. My parents paid for a brief to attend with me. Anyway.... Magistrat
  11. Makes sense to me...... If you get a ticket for a valid reason, pay it whilst its at £30. Lets see , how clever do you have to be to decide which is the better option. £2,800 with charges or approx £210 in straight fines issued because you parked in a prohibited place... It aint rocket science. However, due to the fact it was an expired residents permit, a stat dec will do the trick. One thing bugs me though.... when you got the first ticket, why didnt you pay it and then get another permit...... Some people.
  12. Yeah... It costs the council nothing apart from the summons costs, usually £65, and even that is added to the debt. Some of the summons costs will be lost through nulla bona, but, no way do they lose money.
  13. I give up. DG, you are a sad individual and i pity you. You have such a hang up, get over it and get a life.
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