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  1. Thanks for the advice. Its a voluntary group for which I was Chairman of. I have asked for the constitution. I believe that they should have waited until they appeal had been heard and a decision given before calling an AGM. The AGM was 6 months early and was not even an extrodinary AGM?
  2. I have been with Virgin, well Cable London, then Telewest and now virgin - so in total maybe 15 years. Recently, they upgraded my modem and gave me a new netgear N router albeit that I am not on the 50 meg broadband speed. However, since the installation of the new modem, my broadband speek which is M, is running a 2megs max. I complained to them and was told that they were working on the problem. After a month, I complained again and now they tell me that the network is having major problems causing the speed problems. They decided to compensate me, I thought by £20 for the problems I was having and temporarily put me on the large package. However, I now understand the the £20 was not any compensation at all, in fact it was to make up the cost between the M and the X broadband package cost. Furthermore, even with the increase speed, I'm lucky to get 4megs max. The problem they say will not be resolved until the end of July. What can i do?
  3. Can you give me some advice? I was suspended from my voluntary postion as chairman pending an appeal which was upheld in my favour. I was subsequently reinstated only to find that during the time of the appeal, the company decided to hold an AGM five months early and even though my colleagues nominated me, they were told I could not be nominated. They subsequently elected a new chair. Is this legal? I am sure its not! I was not informed of the election nor sent any papers.
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